Friday, 2 September 2011

Lake District Goodies

It feels like I haven't posted any thing related to crafts in ages, but now I'm certainly making up for lost time. Here is a post all about the lovely pieces I picked up in my adventures in Penrith, the main town in the area of the Lake District we were staying. First up, I got some lengths of ribbon from the local haberdashery, I just love the gingham one, which one is your favourite?

Next up, we visited a really quaint village hall as they were holding a craft fair. I got these cute cut outs to use in scrapbooking, or maybe even card making, a craft I am yet to try.

We discovered another haberdashery with lots of gorgeous fabric, but it seemed a lot more expensive than my normal fabric shop in Basingstoke. Maybe I've found a little bargain place there. Anyway, I did find this gorgeous green fabric that was in my price range and I picked up the little frame in a charity shop. It's the perfect size for a small piece of cross stitch.

In the same shop, I had a rummage in their scrapbooking section and came out with these two goodies, some rub ons and some letter stickers. I'm expecting more scrapping stash any day now. I placed an order with 123stitch after another website I thought I'd sample wanted to charge £19 for postage! Luckily, I found most of the bits I wanted on 123.

It was getting late in the day when we discovered a tiny ribbon shop on the edge of town, next to The Toffee Shop (yum yum). It only sold ribbons and buttons and I was in heaven. The buttons were adorable, but a little pricey. The ribbon on the other hand was not and it took a great deal of time to just pick these four. Lawrence sat outside on a bench reading his book whilst I spent time drooling over the prettiest, quirky ribbon.
I got tiny blue flower ribbon, silk ribbon with poodles on it, a gorgeous brown leaf ribbon that is so beautiful and pumpkin ribbon!

I just couldn't leave this beauty in the shop, I had to purchase a length. Don't you think it's so unusual and pretty?

And here's a thrifty spin. I had spare loops in my jewellery box, punched a tiny hole in each pumpkin and looped them in the make pumpkin earrings! I'm thinking of stitching a tiny Jack O' Lantern face on each one to make them perfect for Hallowe'en. How I love craft!

It seems I haven't had much interest in my MyMemories giveaway. It's a shame because the software is really simple and lovely to use, but I suppose you can't win them all. The competition is open till Monday if anyone is interested.
My stitching mojo has gone wandering lately. I've got my exchange piece all kitted up and ready to go, yet no motivation to put in a single stitch. I did work on All Things Bright during my holiday so I do have a progress pic to share. That will have to wait till the next post I'm afraid and I'm off out soon to enjoy a lunch with my sister and my mum - a girly feast.
Have a wonderful weekend,

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Lynn said...

You have some fabulous finds there Bekca! I love both the gingham and the pumpkin ribbon but I also have my eye on that leaf ribbon. Pretty!
I love how you used the pumpkins to make earrings. Very creative! I would never have thought of something like that.
I didn't enter your giveaway this time because stitching is all I can handle at the moment. I'd love to do other crafts but I just find the expense too much. Thank you anyways.

Teresa said...

I love the word "haberdashary". You have some wonderful finds. Love the pumkin ribbon. How creative to make them into earrings. I would have had to visit the toffee shop.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Lesleyanne said...

You have brought some gorgeous things. Love the gingham ribbon and of course the pumpkin ribbon.

EveningEmma said...

What lovely ribbons and fabric! The pumpkin earrings are adorable.

Sarah said...

Love the gingham ribbon, what great finds! And those crafty pumpkin earings are just awesome. I've had a heap of earing hoops for ages but have never got around to attaching anything to them. . . maybe it's about time I did!

Carol said...

What great goodies to remind you of your special holiday, Bekca :) I think your little pumpkin earring idea is precious--can't wait to see a little stitched face on them :)

Hope your stitching mojo returns, soon, but at this point I know you have lots of other things on your mind (like preparing for University!!)...