Saturday, 6 July 2013

The time is here!

Well, this is me officially signing off for July. I thought about posting as I go round, but I wouldn't want to risk losing any of my pictures trying to upload them on here. And it's really pictures that make a holiday post :)
I hope you're all enjoying the current gorgeous weather, long may it continue. It's similar in Amsterdam, which is where I'll be this time tomorrow :D
I'm so excited for this adventure to begin. It doesn't seem real yet, probably because I've got one more shift at Cath Kidston to get through before I can head to Lawrence's house. And then it's up to London to our coach. A twelve hour coach trip might not be glamorous, but it's the cheapest way to get across the sea :)
Cross lots of stitches for me my friends! I couldn't squeeze in any stitching in my backpack, and I didn't want anything to get ruined in the bumpy journey. So I'm relying on my notebooks, ipod and puzzle book to keep boredom at bay during these next three weeks. Hopefully, I'll get lots of writing done on my creative pieces for Uni, I always feel more inspired on holiday.
I don't know where we're going to go or what we're going to see or where we might end up and it's utterly thrilling. I shall be back by the start of August, where I can look forward to a whole day filled with catching up on blog reading :D
Best wishes to all,

Monday, 1 July 2013

A Great Summer

Hello my friends. I'm telling you, the tennis season is giving me the perfect excuse to get my needle stuck into fabric. Farmhouse is still growing, and I've been stitching so much on it, I thought I'd show a before and after.

I told you my needle has been busy! And it was grande prix weekend, so that gave me a brilliant excuse to kick back and stitch too :D

In other news, I'm going on an adventure. This weekend, I'm off for three weeks travelling around Europe :D Me and Lawrence have got Interrailing tickets and we're off to see some amazing big cities. One thing, I've got to fit everything I like to take on holiday in this . . .

For a girl that's used to straightners, mirrors and daily showers, this is a little bit of challenge :P But I know it's going to be so worth it. And don't worry, I've packed travel hair straighteners :P

I'll be sure to post just before I go. I think I'll have even more done on Farmhouse by then. 
Best wishes,