Sunday, 25 February 2018

A glimmer of Spring

I'm sitting in my living room to type this post and the sunlight is streaming in through the bay window. I have a beautiful bouquet in a duck egg-coloured vase that was gifted to me by a lovely friend. It could almost be Spring, if only it was't so cold outside! Still, that means plenty of time inside and stitching :)

I finally picked up my Christmas sampler for the first time in awhile. I only managed to add a couple of motifs, but I'm glad I spent some time on it. I think I'm just going to pick it up as and when I feel like throughout the year and definitely get it finished by November. There's not really much to do, but I can't find the perfect colour for the house in the centre of the design. I think I need to go to a craft store and take it with me and see if I can find a colour I love. Here it is at the moment:

The designer of this piece, Faye from Little Dove Designs, has just done another sampler in the latest issue of CrossStitcher - Spring Sampler. It's the first in a four part series and I love the look of them. I don't know whether to wait and collect all four designs, or kit it up right away. What would you do?

Speaking of CrossStitcher, they had a fab cover kit on this issue. It was a wooden pendant where you could select one of three designs to stitch on it. I normally tuck my cover kits away for another time, but I couldn't resist starting this one straight away and I finished it in one evening! I'm not sure what I would actually wear it with, but I do love the look of it.

It's been a good week for stitching, because I even had time to put some stitches in on Highland Walkies too. I love the colours in this piece, they're so cheerful. I think I'm going to pull this one out right after this post and spend the rest of Sunday working on it :)

I only have three more days working with District Nurses, then I'll be off on a long weekend to Southampton to visit friends, which I'm so looking forward to. It will be the perfect way to relax before starting my new job. 

I hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend, and thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post. It's so important we look after ourselves, especially when times are tough.

Best wishes,


Sunday, 18 February 2018

All change for February

Hello my friends, I hope this post finds you well. I've been having a busy time of late, as always! We've merged two district nursing teams as part of a cost cutting exercise, but sadly, the result has been that many staff have left. That means more work divided by less people and it's been a bit of a strain to say the least. However, I'm coming to the end of my contract with the District Nurses, so I only have to do my best for the next two weeks. I have another job lined up to start in March, I'm going to be a placement administrator for a foster care company. It looks like a difficult, challenging job, but I'm ready for it. It looks like it could be truly rewarding too.

When life gets a bit much, I always like to concentrate on looking after myself. That way, I can fire on all cylinders and get as much done as I can. For me, that involves sleeping plenty, eating right and always making time for cross stitching. I've made some good progress on Highland Walkies. It's a lot of block stitching, which makes it a good project for the evenings. Lawrie bought me a clip on lamp for Christmas too, so I use that a lot for good sight. Here's where I'm up to on my latest project:

I'm only working on one piece at the moment, which is unusual for me, I normally have at least two on the go! My Christmas chart hasn't seen the light of day since January, I still can't decide if I want to power through and finish it, or wait until November when I start to feel the festive spirit again. What would you do? 

I hope you've had a marvellous weekend and you should never feel bad about taking a little time out for yourself :)

Best wishes,