Friday, 27 July 2012


What is it with me and disappearing into the mist of Blogland? I seem to be doing well with my disappearing acts :)
I have been keeping busy with working hard and cross stitching, naturally. But at the moment, I'm working on a gift for an internet-savvy friend and I don't want her to see it just yet! Farmhouse hasn't been touched for awhile, but I'm still optimistic about my end of year target.
In other news, I'm getting ready for my summer holiday!! Woohoo! I can't remember if I've mentioned before, but I'm spending two weeks away with Lawrence and his family in the South of France. We're renting a villa and I already know it's going to be one of the best holidays of my life.
I am, truth be told, a typical girl. So being asked only to bring one suitcase was a problem that had to be solved with some serious thinking. You can see my dilemma, size of suitcase versus items I want to take on the bed . . .

After some clever folding techniques, inherited from my gifted mum, it all went in eventually. I'm so excited to be going on a proper summer holiday, I haven't been abroad for quite some time now. 
After packing, there was more strenuous activities to be done . . . :)

I'll be sure to check in with blogs if I can. But if not, I'll be back with a big report on France and stitching and my lovely life in general :)
Best wishes to all, 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Builder Bekca

I tell you my friends, I can't believe I've been in my house at Winchester for just over a week. It feels like so much time has passed and so many things have happened.
For the first few days of living here, I was using one of the spare bedrooms because my bed had not arrived. It was delivered on Friday morning, and armed only with a screwdriver and sheer determination I set to work. Whilst I was building it, I found it quite funny that I was using jewellery boxes as props. It just seemed so stereotypically girly! At least they got the job done :)

Lawrie visited over the weekend and treated me to dinner out on Friday. Such a love! We went to my favourite place in Winchester, Buddy's Diner. Unfortunately, I couldn't have my normal cheeseburger as I have recently discovered that I am wheat intolerant. When I was staying with Lawrence, I kept getting severe stomach aches and headaches. They continued when I went to Glastonbury, always after I had a meal. So, after doing a bit of research on the NHS website, I decided to cut wheat from my diet and alas, no more pains! I do have to do a lot more looking at labels when I go shopping now, but I think that's a small sacrifice for not feeling ill anymore :)

Lawrence got a job! I know this is not particularly related to this blog, but I'm just so proud of him. He worked so hard for his exams and now he's continuing to work hard over the summer so he can have a little bit of money to enjoy all the things we do. He's waiting at a fancy hotel and the pay is decent too. Go Lawrence!

And finally, a stitching update. Hurrah, at last! I hear you cry :P
In our living room, there is a really old fashioned wicker and wooden chair with huge pillows. I have sort of claimed it as my stitching chair for now; it is so comfortable. I'll be sure to get a snap of it next time I'm stitching. It's very relaxing to come home to a couple of hours of stitching after work. And all that stitching is paying off, look at Farmhouse . . .

I've nearly finished the cottage itself, just a bit more greenery to add in round the bottom right hand corner. Then I think I'll do the red border to get that out of the way before moving on to the animals. I'm still loving every stitch on this project. I love that it's so colourful. My fingers are itching to start another project though. Maybe when I've unpacked all my stitching gear properly something will leap out at me. I'll let you know :)

I'm hideously behind with my Birthday Stitch Surprise Parcel for this month. I'm so sorry Teresa! It is my mission to get the package in the post to you this week. Rising postal cost might be an issue, but that's not going to stop me sending out parcels to truly lovely stitchers :)

So that's my round up for today my friends. I've got one more shift at work this afternoon, then I'm heading straight to Lawrence's house. We're going to see the Olympic Torch tomorrow, I'm very excited! I'm taking my camera, so hopefully I'll get a few snaps to share :)

I hope you've all had a brilliant start to the week.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Euston, we have lift off!

Hurrah! I'm using my normal laptop at last to write a blog post that is well overdue. I have arrived at my house in Winchester, and it's gorgeous! Since we last looked at it, the letting agency has had the bathroom redone and now the whole house is perfect. I am one very lucky lion :)
So, I moved from Glastonbury to Winchester, grabbed lunch then went to work all in one day. Monday was yet another working day, another lunch out and a few hours attempting to unpack. Today, I finally had a day off to get my room more organised before my lovely bed arrives on Friday. Working hard does bring rewards. I've managed to buy my new double bed outright, which is quite a nice feeling actually :)
The rest of this week is looking busy with lots of shifts at Cath Kidston - not that I'm complaining! I'm still really enjoying working there. I'm still squeezing in time for stitching. I can't wait to show you Farmhouse in a post later on this week. It's really grown!
I hope you are all well and stay dry! The weather is just appalling at the moment. I hope to get some blog reading done soon, but things are really chaotic to say the least.
Oh, one more thing, if any one would like my new address for whatever reason, please feel free to email me at:

stitchinglion - AT - hotmail - DOT- co - DOT - uk

Over and out my stitching friends! 

PS This was my 150th post! Oh my, time sure does fly when you're stitching :)