Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Happy Dances!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been away so long. As we're getting closer to the end of the first semester, all of the assignments and projects are coming to a close. I got so busy, I didn't even have time to blog read, let alone stitch. I'm looking forward to catching up with what everyone has been up to :)
On Friday, I had my scriptwriting presentation where my group presented to a "producer" our idea for a comedy series. The first feedback the examiner gave us was; "I am immensely impressed." I was overjoyed that our hard work all through the week. This was the reason I couldn't fit in as much stitching time, but sometimes that's the sacrifice you got to take to make the grade LOL
I spent the weekend with Lawrence and got to attend the surprise party his friends were throwing him. A good time was had by all. His birthday is actually next week, and we're going out with his family to a posh restaurant in London - I am very much looking forward to that!
So, onto the part of the post you actually want to read, my happy dances! I have two to share today, well, one and a half really. I finally put the seed beads onto All Things Bright so this can officially go on the "finishing" pile . . .

This week is quiet for work so I've had a lovely time putting in some stitches into Merry Friends. I finished it tonight, here it is! . . .

I added a little heart charm I said that reads "Made With Love."
I don't have any lessons or lectures on Thursday afternoon so I'm planning on spending some quality time with my sewing machine. I bought it to use and so far, it's been stuck in its box, time to change that I think.
I have missed blog reading and can't wait to see what everyone has been stitching. Why not tell me something that's happened to you in the past week in your comment? I would love to be nosey :)
Best wishes,

Monday, 14 November 2011

A Finish! . . . Well, Sort Of

Good morning to everyone on this slightly cloudy Winchester morning! I have been stitching away like a busy little bee over the weekend and I have a "sort of" finish to share. It's All Things Bright from Lizzie Kate . . .

I say a "sort of" finish because the watermelon still needs to have little black seed beads attached to it, but mine are at home. It's going to wait till my next visit back, which hopefully won't be too long away. I'm pleased to have got this piece finished as much as I can though, it means I can fully concentrate on my Christmas stitching.
It also gives me a chance to try out my brand new sewing machine! I thought as the design features motifs from an American summer, I'd pair it with one of my favourite English motifs - strawberries! Isn't this just a lovely backing fabric?

So I'm thinking it won't be too long before I can get the bead on this piece, have a go on my sewing machine and have a new long pillow for my bed. I'll let you know how it goes.
In other stitchy news, I've also been doing a little bit on Merry Friends. This piece is great to do in the evenings because it's mostly block colours and lots of them. Here's where I'm up to so far . . .

I'd like to get this one finished as soon as possible too, hopefully in time for this Christmas but who knows. It is a fun stitch so I don't see why not :)
My parents came down for a shopping trip last week and boy did I get spoilt! One of my best purchases was this new recipe book, a bargain at only £8 ($12.74). I've been reading it and picking out so many recipes that I can't wait to try.

The first one was these Carrot Cake Cupcakes - aren't they adorable? It's my housemate's birthday coming up and she asked if I could make her a carrot cake. I thought these cupcakes were so much cuter and easier to store in a student house. I really enjoyed making them, as I have never made anything of the sort before.

They were yummy and my housemates all agreed that I should do more baking. I'm very happily going to oblige.
Apologies for this extra long post, I just found I had a lot to say. Last thing before I head off to class, I managed to get some hours back at the supermarket I was at before heading to Uni. The money is going to come in so handy and I really enjoy working in the store at Christmas time, it's so very festive.
Have a wonderful week,

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Merry Stitching

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a brilliant start to the week. I've been stitching away on Merry Friends, and it's coming along a treat!

I'm stitching on this in the evenings, but I'm going to look for a smaller project to work on before I head out for lectures and things. I'm thinking Redwork pieces - we shall see what I find.
The fireworks display I went to at the weekend was amazing! There was a torchlit procession from the main town to the bonfire sight, which was really quite a spectacle. And then the fireworks lasted for ages and were very impressive. And it was free! Me and my housemates did make a donation though, who wouldn't after seeing such a beautiful display?
I've made Jumbles biscuits this morning to take to the cinema later on, after a fairly intense Drama lecture. Oh the joys of being a student LOL
Have a wonderful week,

Friday, 4 November 2011

How Exciting!!

At last, that wonderful week has arrived where I finally had enough money in my bank for my sewing machine! A real bonus was that when I went to reserve it online, it had a third off so it was only £39.99 ($64). It feels a bit like I was rewarded for saving up for it so carefully :)
Anyway, I headed into town after script writing class and paid for it, then lugged it back up to my house - it was quite a trek, I can tell you.

So I finally have a sewing machine of my very own. Those that have been long term readers of my blog know that I have wanted one for awhile. Now I can do all the finishing I want, whenever I want.

Although it is an Argos own brand machine and nothing swanky, it's very sturdy and had very good reviews. I'm sure it will be perfect for a beginner like me.
One snag, I don't have anything to sew! All of my finished cross stitched pieces are at home, tucked away in a drawer. So I'm afraid my lovely new machine will have to wait until I finish something here at Uni before it can be used. Ah well, at least I've got one - at last!
I'm heading off to the Winchester Fireworks Parade tomorrow evening, then me and my housemates are having hotdogs and cider afters. Lawrence is coming down too! I hope you all have a  wonderful weekend too,

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hello Christmas!

Don't you just hate it when life cuts into your stitching time? Just as I was getting ready to start my Christmas stitching, a hefty Drama essay comes flying my way. It's not too bad really, it's only 1,500 words. And I've got plenty of time to stitch during relaxing evenings.
I've finally decided on my first ornament for the Christmas Ornament Challenge; it's Lizzie Kate's Merry Friends. Here's my small progress so far . . .

Whilst stitching on this, I plan to continue on my other Lizzie Kate piece as well as complete smaller Christmas designs, like the redwork snowflakes I have my eye on. November is going to be full of stitching for me!
I enjoyed a wonderful trip out shopping today with one of my housemates. We had lunch in Cafe Monde, one of my favourite places in Winchester and the most perfect place to go to lunch if you ever happen to visit. I had a chicken and BBQ sauce panini and it was the best. Didn't buy much, but my mum is coming to visit next week for a shopping trip.
I had a wonderful time at home, thanks to those who asked. I was well and truly spoilt with a big chicken and salad dinner, and then chocolate cake for pudding - yum yum! It felt very strange being back in my own bed actually, and I was actually a novelty to have cereal in front of the TV on a sofa. How surreal.
I would very much like to get back into my cooking soon. I absolutely love proper home cooked food, like stews and pies, but often a quick stir fry is just so much more practical. I'll have to mix it up a bit. Do you have any recipes that I should try? I would love to hear your suggestions.
I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful week,