Sunday, 24 June 2012

June's Parcel

Good evening everyone! Am I the only girlfriend who has reverted to a football widow during the current Euro Tournament? I thought I'd take the time to catch up with some lovely blog reading, rather than spending the night yelling tactics at the screen. Love you honey!

So, I got word from Terri that June's Birthday Stitch Surprise parcel has arrived safely. This was actually an Un-Birthday gift, as no one with a true June birthday entered at the very start! I'm so glad the parcel was a success nonetheless :) Here's a picture of what I sent . . .

My theme this time was patriotic, as I know Terri is very proud of her country. Red, white and blue Duchess floss, alongside two cuts of lace from a local craft market and a length of floral fabric, featuring my thematic colours. And a handmade card too, I've really got back into making them lately.
Thank you Terri for being a good sport and getting involved with an Un-Birthday gift :) I do believe Teresa is next up, but patience will be key again I'm afraid. I move back to Winchester the weekend before that date and I'm also working too. I've also got to attempt to purchase furniture and organise my new room at the same time. July looks just as packed as June!

I had a wonderful time at Summer Ball. I haven't got a picture of me and Lawrence yet as they are still on his mum's camera, but I couldn't resist showing off my dress :) This is me and my friend Emma posing for the photo - I'm on the right :)

EDITED: Sorry, having a bit of technical difficulty with the photos. We may have to wait a bit longer before I can finally reveal my dress :) Sorry!

It was a really wonderful night. I was so proud of Lawrie, doing his bit as Head Boy and handing out the awards of the evening. I did love being by his side :)

I've got a couple more days of work before I head off on the train to go and see the new house in Glastonbury. I'm not sure what to expect but I am looking forward to seeing my parents.
I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!

Best wishes,

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Time Warp

Hello all! So, it's official. I've moved out of the house I spent seven years doing a heck of a lot of growing up in. I did get a bit sentimental in the days prior to moving, but not sad. I know I'm moving up to bigger and better things, as are my parents.
Despite all the madness that packing and moving brings, I'm pleased to announce I have a finish to share! Hurrah! Here's LHN's Schoolgirl Lessons in all her glory . . .

I stitched this on 25ct rose pink fabric (gifted from Terri) with Sampler Threads Dark Chocolate. It took two skeins in the end, so there was a brief pause in stitching activity whilst I ordered another one. Yes, a couple of other things may have fallen into the basket too :) Nothing too exciting, just a couple more over dyes that I am becoming dangerously addicted to. I blame Peggy Lee for sending me a beautiful stash of them! LOL
I don't know how I'm going to finish this one yet, maybe a flat finish.

Now here's something of interest. During the long process of packing up the house, we came across numerous forgotten treasures. This one was my favourite . . .

It's a cross stitched piece made by my Dad! Unfortunately, it has no date on it, but Dad said he stitched it in primary school. Isn't it fitting for the recent royal celebrations? 

I'm currently living with Lawrence and his family, who have very generously allowed me to stay. As well as working, I'm getting a few hours of stitching in from time to time. And at the end of the week, we've got this years Summer Ball! How exciting! I can't wait to share pictures of my lovely new dress.
Best wishes to all,


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Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Quickie RAK

I had the opportunity recently to do something nice for someone else, so I grasped this chance with both hands.

I knew Angela from Hooked on Stitches was having a tough time of late. I unearthed this fabric when packing up my room for The Big Move and knew it would be perfect for her!

I'm pleased to report Angela loved the fabric and already has an idea what to use it for. I can't wait to see what she does with it. Do pop over to Angela's blog if you would care to see some amazing finishing skills. 
I also decided to send along a little card along in the parcel. I scoured my collection of small patterns before returning to an old faithful. My grandmother bought me this book from a charity shop when I had just started cross stitching in 2004. I can't tell you how many times I've turned to it when I need to whip up a card or other small design. 
In the picture, you can see the card I made for Angela. I love making cards, they're so satisfactory. 

I think it's important to be kind, especially since so many others in the blogging community have been unbelievably generous to me. I don't think this will be my last RAK. Thank you Angela for making it a lovely first time in doing so!

Currently packing so the entire house looks like an assault course. Only three more days before my parents are off to Glastonbury and I head to Lawrence's. It's certainly all change here.
I hope you are all well. I'm just about to indulge in a lovely blog reading session, which I haven't done in far too long. Work is keeping me busy, but I thoroughly enjoy it and it will be totally worth it when pay day rolls around.
Best wishes,

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Back in the Nest

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Jubilee weekend. I did lots to get in the spirit of things. I was at Lawrence's house on the Saturday, enjoy a big Jubilee party with his family and the surrounding neighbours. Everyone has such a good time, there was a BBQ and games and prizes and lots of laughing.
I didn't watch much of the floatilla, but I did see the concert from beginning to end. I thought it was fantastic! I thought Tom Jones was very good, and Paul McCartney too. Did anyone else see the concert? Who was your favourite?
I can't believe it's all over. Well, maybe not quite yet. All of our Jubilee stock at work goes on sale now so it's all hands on deck. I've got a fairly busy week coming up, but nothing too scary.

Now onto the stitching news, and of course, an update picture on my Farmhouse BAP . . .

I did lots of work on this over the weekend. Lawrence is right in the middle of his exams, so when he's bent over his revision, I pull out my stitching. I'm proud to say my love works hard, so I had lots of lovely stitching time! The black cat has now made an appearance and construction on the roof is well under way. I truly love seeing this piece come together. Often, I can't put it down! I haven't really got that much left to go on the house before I start on the surrounding animals. If anyone would like to be reminded of what the final piece will look like, it's on this post.

In other news, I've got an update pic on my other WIP - LHN's Schoolgirl Lessons . . .

I'm stitching this using Crescent Colours Dark Chocolate on the most beautiful dusky pink fabric. I love the combination of pink and brown, and I think I will attempt a few more designs using this colour way. Do you have any colour pairings that you love to use?

I'm off to work tomorrow for a full day, so I will probably need to unwind with my stitching after that. Then on Friday, I'm off shopping with my sister which I am very much looking forward too.

Best wishes to all,

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Speed Stitching

Phew! Things have got crazy again!
I'm now at home. I was suppose to be moving into a summer let at Winchester but after the terrible organisation and poor support, there was no way I was staying put. But now that I've got my job, it does mean that I will be commuting to Winchester every so often. That's not bad at all, it's good to be home with my family :)

I just realised that I haven't shared what was in my latest Birthday Stitch Surprise parcel. It was Emma's turn and I know Emma likes two things in particular. Pokemon and purple. So here's what I sent . . .

A length of purple dotty ribbon, a skien of purple Anchor thread, some purple fabric, a selection of Pokemon cards and an Eevee (Pokemon) figurine. I'm pleased to say Emma was delighted with her whole package. It feels so good to give doesn't it? :)
I know Terri is next on my list, but what with everything changing and new lately, I'm afraid it might be a bit of a wait. Please bear with me Terri, I promise to get a parcel out to you as soon as possible!

And in other news, I've still been stitching up a storm on my BAP. I've completed Lesli's favourite bit, the lovely duck pond, stitched in gorgeous blue tones. 

I've got the other side of the garden to complete, along with the stable, but I think I'm going to focus on the roof  next and get the house totally finished.

I started another new project recently. It's LHN's Schoolgirl Lessons. It's the perfect size to take outside to enjoy the glorious weather we've been having lately.
I hope it's lovely where ever you are :)
Best wishes,

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