Friday, 30 April 2010

Past Days and Yesterdays

Wow, another week has gone by so it's now only two more to go before my study leave begins and the dreaded exams start. It's all revision lessons and re-caps at school right now, as well as the competition for Head Boy/Girl heating up. More people were nominated than I expected, so my chances of winning are slim. I just think I will go for it, as my chances would be even slimmer if I hadn't been nominated at all! I went babysitting yesterday like I normally do on a Thursday and sat down to stitch when the kids were asleep. Didn't get as much done as I hoped, but Solo is so close to being finished now. I am determined to have him completed by Monday!

I am very pleased that there will be a sweet All Our Yesterday's design in the next issue of CrossStitcher. Faye Whittaker is one of my favourite designers, and I have stitched two pieces previously. The first was a gift for a friend who gave me the kit as she just couldn't get on with cross stitching - I'm still hoping to convert her, but she's one of these sporty types! She was very pleased with this present though.

This design I stitched up using the leftover threads from the first piece! I found it in a very old copy of World of Cross Stitching that a friend of mine had picked up for me at a car boot, as she knew about my hobby. I'm even hoping to use the remaining leftover (yes, there was plenty!) to stitch the design from CrossStitcher. Now that's economical stitching for you :)

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post. When I started this blog I didn't think it would attract any followers at all! I hope you have a lovely weekend, filled with lots of stitching, of course.

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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sunshine stitching

Hi everyone, hope you've all been enjoying this glorious weather we've been having. I love sitting outside at lunch time at school, basking in the sunshine, and doing some revision of course. Although I have been out to make the most of the weather, I have done a little bit more work on Solo.
The main bulk of stitching is almost done, just a bit more of his back, his tail and the little mouse to go. I've also done a tiny bit more on the Margaret Shelly hedgehog, but not enough to validate a photo.
I thought I should explain where my blog title comes from. You see, I normally straighten my hair to keep it from being too wild and crazy. A friend of mine visited unexpectedly one day, saw me without straightened hair and said "Woah, that looks like a lion's mane!" And the nickname just stuck.
Head Boy/Girl nominations started today, and I've been nominated. I'd really like to get the position actually, voting is in exactly a week so I have to wait till then to find out.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week,

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Monday, 26 April 2010

A Good Weekend For Stitching

I had a rather lovely weekend actually. Saturday night I went babysitting again so a chance to earn some money whilst stitching, and reading a fair few stories to the kids too. Then on Sunday, I got all my school work complete early in the morning so I could spend the rest of the day blog reading and stitching. Solo is coming along quite well.

Since reading numerous stitching blogs, I have decided then when Solo is finished I'm going to make him up into a pin keep. I have never attempted one of these before but would like to give it a go. Now I'm on the hunt for a good set of instructions about how to make one! Any ideas?
Also during this stitchy weekend, I made a start on the freebie Margaret Shelley kit from the latest issue of CrossStitcher. My mum bought be a subscription for Christmas, and yet I have stitched very little from them so far. So many designs, so little time! I might see if this cute design will fit into a hoop, and then I can finish it that way. We'll see.
We're into the last month of school before we break up for study leave, but I'm finding time to slot everything in. I'll be completing more Russian History revision this evening and then hopefully pick up my needle after that.

Have a great week,

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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Solo and Sweeties

Now see, the plan was to blog every other day so that I could show some decent progress and not get too monotonous. Funny how life doesn't seem to like those plans. More and more things kept coming up that I even had to cancel a few just so I could have a chance to breath during this past week! I went babysitting on Thursday which is good, 1) because I get paid, 2) there are yummy things to eat (the mum is a great cook) and 3) I get to do stitching when the kiddies are asleep! I have tried taking work or revision round there in the past, but it never works. I need to have all the materials and textbooks I could possibly want all around when I settle down to my revision and it's just not possible to carry them all there.
Anyways, I did get some work done on Solo whilst I was there . . .

I went to a sleepover last night too at the house of a very good friend of mine. She's been my loyal shoulder when I needed someone and we had a really great time last night. And of course, we ate far too much sweet stuff for our own good!

Have a lovely weekend,

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Introducing Solo

Thorpe Park was fantastic. We went on every single ride we possibly could, even Saw. I had to shut my eyes when we were going up though, it was all a bit scary! I was shattered when I came back last night though, so no stitching, but I did recently start work on another design.
This is my first Solo the Cat piece and I'm enjoying it so far. When I first started, I was a bit wary about the colours and thought they didn't really match. But soon the shades began to blend in and he's coming along quite well now.

Charlie is not forgotten, but I do like having more than one project on the go so that you don't lose interest. I've got a large fairy design at the moment as well, but I am fearful that will soon turn into a UFO! It's such a big piece that it takes a certain amount of effort just to set it up ready for stitching.
It was back to school for me today, but I quite liked going back and seeing everyone. Plus I had an extra free lesson because one of my teachers is currently stuck in China with others who went on the school trip. I think we all know someone who's currently stuck abroad and I'll be happy when they're all home safe :)

Happy stitching,

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunshine Days

Hello again. I'm trying to get all my English work done this morning so I can thoroughly enjoy a trip out with my friends tomorrow - we're off to Thorpe Park to scream at the roller coasters and take lots of pictures. I thought I'd take a break in my studies to post the progress on Charlie that I did in the past couple of days (apologies for the creases, I'll iron it when it's all finished).

It's coming along quite nicely, although I'd love to have more time to stitch. I'd also love to have my own entire stitching room where I could spread all manner of crafty supplies any where I wanted. But for now, I will remain stitching on my lap, plugged into my ipod. I like watching films when I'm stitching too, where's your favourite place to stitch?

It's back to school soon, but I plan on making the most of my last couple of days of holidays. I hope this lovely sunshine continues!

Happy Stitching.

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Friday, 16 April 2010

Hello There

Welcome to my very first stitching blog! I've been reading crafting blogs for awhile, but I've never really plucked up the courage to make up one of my own - until now. I hope to bring you progress in pictures of my latest WIP, casual rants about difficulties for us stitchers and recomendations for any kits/accessories/etc that I may acquire.
So now I bring to you my first picture, it is my latest project, Charlie's Ark. I got the chart as a freebie from WOXS (World of Cross Stitching) magazine. If I'm very honest, I did purely buy the magazine for the Charlie's Ark charts - he's one of my favourite things to stitch because I love sepia tones. Here he is so far, with a picture of what the outcome will hopefully be . . .

A little bit more about me. I'm currently in my first year of A-levels, soon to be taking exams in Biology, Drama, History and English Lit. I love writing and drama, and wish to be a playwrite one day. I have a rather large cat called Tiptoe, who normally snuggles on the sofa next to me when I stitch. I'm hoping to go to University next year, for a degree in either History or Creative Writing, or maybe joint honours in both.

I would really appreciate any advice or tips fellow bloggers could give me about my new blog. Comments are always nice!

Nice to meet you,

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