Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Stitch From Stash Update: February

Hello everyone! I'm back with another SFS update. I've loved rummaging through my stash this month to find new projects. I've been using threads leftover from kits to make up some quick cards. Nothing is wasted here!

Money spent in February: £0!

I can't believe I've managed this two months in a row. I've got so many lovely kits and charts and fabric and threads that I don't need to buy anything just yet. I'm trying to keep spending low in other areas of my life too, so I'll only be purchasing items that I really need.

Finished WIPs:

Two little cards made from spare threads and offcuts of fabric.

Dolly's Stroll is all finished up and waiting for a frame.

Current WIPs:

I haven't managed to move forward on Solo since your last saw him. The backstitching is very intricate, so I'm saving it for a time where I don't have as much Uni work to do. I'm hoping he'll be a March finish though :)

New Starts:

I could resist no longer! I had a little break from big projects after finishing Farmhouse, but this one was calling out to me last week. I've got a fair few stitches in. It's not easy, as the colours used are all very similar, with lots of blended threads too. But I know it's going to be beautiful when it's finished. My new start is Dimensions, White Magic. 

That's all from me today. I'm now going to spend the rest of the day writing for my dissertation. I find doing a little bit every day really helps me - slow and steady wins the race :) I hope you've all had a brilliant start to the week.
Best wishes,

Friday, 14 February 2014

Keeping Calm

I have to hand in my big, final year assessment in just under a month. I'm making slow and steady progress on my story and the accompanying essay. When I finally set down my pen, or save my latest draft, I instinctively reach for my stitching. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, spending time with needle and thread calms me like nothing else. I think it's the sense of achievement, that you can see how each tiny stitch makes a bigger picture. That's a good lesson to keep in mind this close to the end of Uni. 
In the last week, my Solo the Cat hanger has gone from this . . .

. . . to this!

I've only got another row of hearts to complete, and all of the backstitching. I love adding the backstitching on these designs, it really makes them come alive. I look forward to finishing it as a hanger when it's finally done. 

I know for the next four weeks, this is going to be my motto!

I hope you are all well and not being hindered by the weather. It's ghastly here today, grey and rainy. But still, it's Valentines Day and I'm celebrating with Lawrence later on today. I hope you have a wonderful day, however you choose to spend it.
Best wishes,

PS: I've reached 150 followers! Thanks must go to each and every one of you, I'm so grateful. I think this calls for a giveaway, don't you? :)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

February Finishes

There's nothing like being inside when the rain is pouring. You pull a snuggly blanket over your legs, set up a good TV show and stitch away. It's one of my favourite things to do. There has been an awful lot of rain recently, so plenty of time for stitching! I have some finishes to share.
First up, I added the finishing touches to my cards. These were both made from various scraps and threads from my stash. I have a huge stock of blank cards too. I'm hoping to actually use some of them this year. 

And next up, another finished piece. I put the final backstitching into Dolly's Stroll this morning. It makes such a difference to the design.

As soon as I find a suitable frame in one of the charity shops, this little lovely will be pressed and framed. I'm actually quite sad that I've finished this piece. It was such a pleasant stitch. But that does mean I get to go stash diving in the near future! I'm not sure if I want to spend my stitching time making up a few more cards, or starting a larger project straight away. I'll have a rummage and see what takes my fancy. 
I have some Uni reading to be getting on with this afternoon, but you can bet I'll be picking up my needle later on this evening :)
Best wishes to all,