Friday, 25 October 2013

So close . . .

. . .  and yet so far! Farmhouse is so close to be completely finished. I have finished the backstitching on the centre panel and all of the animals I've stitched so far. I've also finished the border, thank goodness it match up on my first attempt! Just got to finish the geese, back stitch them and then that's a wrap! I thought I would save a picture of that project until the big reveal, I'm hoping it won't be a long wait :)

As well as Farmhouse, I've also made a little progress on my darling kitty kat stitch . . .

In other stitching news, I've inherited another project! The mother of one of my housemates kindly donated a box of her unfinished stuff to our house. We all got a share of threads and ribbon, as well as a couple of projects to finish. I got a Winnie The Pooh bookmark that I've nearly finished, and this lovely Popcorn design.

I think I will complete the remaining stitching and backstitching, then finish it up properly as a thank you for a generous gift. Here's hoping she will like it :)

I hope you've all got a lovely weekend planned. I'm spending the rest of the afternoon studying, but I'm visiting Lawrence tomorrow which is always great :)
Best wishes,

Monday, 7 October 2013

The First of Many

Hello everyone! Gosh, third year is definitely living up to its reputation of being tricky. I do have to work hard, but I like to reward myself with some stitching time at the end of the long day :)
I'm trying to make a lot of my present this year, so I thought I'd share the first one. This was for my housemate who is very young at heart.

This is actually the third David Tennant I have cross stitched - all gifts. The suitcase is from Cath Kidston, which my housemate wanted so that she could use it for storage. And the little wrapped parcel is Chocolate and Caramel flavoured coffee :) I'm pleased to say my first stitched gift this year was a success. I'm sure they'll be lots to come, especially in December!
I also have a Farmhouse update to share. I've started on the goats, which are all unfortunately scribbled in biro. I am managing to see the chart though, I'm just taking my time. I've been doing more backstitching on the house itself, as well as working more on the red border. I'm still on track for finishing this one this year :)

Right, that's enough from me. I've got some serious reading to do before my next lectures!
Best wishes to all,