Saturday, 23 March 2013

Easter Greetings

Good morning everyone! I can't quite believe I'm waking up to another grey day. Where's my lovely Spring sunshine? There's even talk of snow. I'm wrapping up warm when I venture out to work this afternoon. 
At least my stitching is bright :) I finished up the Easter card that I'm sending to my Nan. I couldn't resist adding a couple of sparkly stickers to jazz up the plain card :)

I hope my Nan likes it!

I'll be spending the whole Easter weekend with my parents in Glastonbury and I'm so excited! I've got a jam packed week before that though. I've got another deadline coming up, as well as extra hours at work to make up for having the whole weekend off. It will be hectic, but so worth it when I get off the train in Glastonbury and see my parents :)

I'm spending my days on my Uni work and writing, but in the evenings, I love to unwind with my stitching. Lottie is coming along marvellously, as you can see . . .

She might not see a needle for a couple of weeks though, as I'm busily stitching away on another project. My blogaversary is coming up and I'm determined to make up a good giveaway parcel for it. I do work at Cath Kidston you know ;) Ooh, spoilers! Be sure to look out for it in April :)

I hope everyone has got a wonderful weekend planned. I've got to work this afternoon, then I've got the whole Sunday off. I plan to write, bake, buy groceries and stitch, naturally :)

Best wishes,

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Living the Wild Life

Good morning everyone! The weather is still drizzly and dull here in Winchester, I wish I could stay in all day and do more stitching. Bit of a shame that I've got a shift at work later, but duty calls :)
But I did get a nice lot of stitching time in last night. It was Comic Relief night on BBC1, which is a big charity phone-in event for those who don't know. It's a series of short films and funny sketches, all in aid of the Comic Relief charity. I bought my Red Nose and made a donation! The programme on the night is on for over seven hours, but I only watched the first part. This is the stitching nest I made for myself :) Because this is what all students do on a Friday night right? :P

There was a whole basket of stitching goodies all vying for my attention! Lottie got a few more stitches added, but the main thing I was working on was a little Easter card for my nan. She doesn't even own a computer so I can show you a progress shot for that one :)

I don't think it will be too long at all before this one is all stitched up and in a card mount. 
The keen eyed amongst you might have spied an extra project lurking in the back of the basket there. That's for my upcoming Blogaversary, something that I plan on celebrating this year. Stay tuned!

There may have been a few other goodies for my night in with my stitching, mainly that little box of chocs that I got in the reduced section for only 99p! ($1.50) It was a real treat to spend a good amount of time stitching and indulging. I do spend most of the week (and the majority of the weekend!) rushing around here, there and everywhere. It was a simple joy to take some time out for me :)

Hope you all had a stitch-filled Friday night too, have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

London Calling

Couldn't resist such an obvious title :P

I had such a ball in London, it was a truly perfect day out. We spent the morning touring Convent Garden and being proper tourists by snapping pictures of everything.

We headed to Carluccio's, after a recommendation from Lawrence's parents, and it was wonderful. It was such a treat to go to a swanky restaurant, but the prices were not unreasonable. Plus, they had an extensive gluten free menu. We both had a drink and a big plateful of pasta for just under £25 ($37.60) for it all. And the food was exceptional, I'd definitely visit Carluccio's again.

(sneaky picture of Lawrence enjoying his dish :P)

In other news, I got splashed horribly on my way to Uni the other day. A huge truck came hurling past and I got drenched from head to foot. It was so bad, my friend I walk with to Uni took me back to her house to get a fresh pair of jeans and a hair dryer! What is it with this nasty weather we've been having? Oh I long for the sunshine and spring.

In stitchy news, I've been working on Lottie's New Scooter and loving every stitch. It's on aida, which makes it simple to do in the evenings, but it's got so many colours included in the design so it never gets dull. I plan on leaving the backstitching until I've got more time in the holidays, if I finish it before then. I can't wait for a bit of extra time in the Easter break
 to do more stitching and sewing things :)

Sorry for the dark picture, I blame the miserable weather, again!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there! I've dutifully sent my card and will be taking a small gift to my mum when I visit my parents at the end of the month :) I've got a much needed day off tomorrow and will be heading out to the Farmer's Market with my housemate, bliss :)

Best wishes to all,

PS I have another blog where I'm writing a lot more writerly things, reviews and articles and such. If anyone would like to check it out, please go ahead :)