Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunshine Days

Hello again. I'm trying to get all my English work done this morning so I can thoroughly enjoy a trip out with my friends tomorrow - we're off to Thorpe Park to scream at the roller coasters and take lots of pictures. I thought I'd take a break in my studies to post the progress on Charlie that I did in the past couple of days (apologies for the creases, I'll iron it when it's all finished).

It's coming along quite nicely, although I'd love to have more time to stitch. I'd also love to have my own entire stitching room where I could spread all manner of crafty supplies any where I wanted. But for now, I will remain stitching on my lap, plugged into my ipod. I like watching films when I'm stitching too, where's your favourite place to stitch?

It's back to school soon, but I plan on making the most of my last couple of days of holidays. I hope this lovely sunshine continues!

Happy Stitching.

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Mel said...

Welcome to blogging Bekca.

Piece is looking great.