Saturday, 24 April 2010

Solo and Sweeties

Now see, the plan was to blog every other day so that I could show some decent progress and not get too monotonous. Funny how life doesn't seem to like those plans. More and more things kept coming up that I even had to cancel a few just so I could have a chance to breath during this past week! I went babysitting on Thursday which is good, 1) because I get paid, 2) there are yummy things to eat (the mum is a great cook) and 3) I get to do stitching when the kiddies are asleep! I have tried taking work or revision round there in the past, but it never works. I need to have all the materials and textbooks I could possibly want all around when I settle down to my revision and it's just not possible to carry them all there.
Anyways, I did get some work done on Solo whilst I was there . . .

I went to a sleepover last night too at the house of a very good friend of mine. She's been my loyal shoulder when I needed someone and we had a really great time last night. And of course, we ate far too much sweet stuff for our own good!

Have a lovely weekend,

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MrsB said...

Cute stitching!

Thanks for visiting my blog - I find blogging mainly provides me with a diary to store all my stitching throughout the year, so welcome to the joy of blogging!