Monday, 26 April 2010

A Good Weekend For Stitching

I had a rather lovely weekend actually. Saturday night I went babysitting again so a chance to earn some money whilst stitching, and reading a fair few stories to the kids too. Then on Sunday, I got all my school work complete early in the morning so I could spend the rest of the day blog reading and stitching. Solo is coming along quite well.

Since reading numerous stitching blogs, I have decided then when Solo is finished I'm going to make him up into a pin keep. I have never attempted one of these before but would like to give it a go. Now I'm on the hunt for a good set of instructions about how to make one! Any ideas?
Also during this stitchy weekend, I made a start on the freebie Margaret Shelley kit from the latest issue of CrossStitcher. My mum bought be a subscription for Christmas, and yet I have stitched very little from them so far. So many designs, so little time! I might see if this cute design will fit into a hoop, and then I can finish it that way. We'll see.
We're into the last month of school before we break up for study leave, but I'm finding time to slot everything in. I'll be completing more Russian History revision this evening and then hopefully pick up my needle after that.

Have a great week,

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Jen said...

Hi Bekca welcome to the world of blogging. I noticed your comment on my blog so decided to look at yours. You might find that Twisted Stitcher or Focus on Finishing has tutorials on pin keeps. The Craft Room might also have one. Good luck with the revision. Can't help you with the English or the history but biology should be no probs!

Jen said...

Hi Bekca I was right. You might like to try this link.
or just Google pinkeep finishing instructions

Bekca said...

Hey Jen, thank you for the link, that's a really good website for finishing. Now all I've got to do is stitch up Solo!
Thanks for looking at my newbie blog :)