Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Finish!

I hoped this would be a quick stitch and that was exactly what it was. I have enjoyed my first piece of red work and will definitely do more stitching like this is the future.

But now, what to do with this piece? It is currently living in a sewing box I use to store all my finishes because I am unsure of what to do with it. I confess, I have not really used a sewing machine much, they don't teach finishing techniques in school. But I am thinking I will just bite the bullet, get some fabric and attempt to make up a proper finish. I love looking at all the beautiful ornaments that are completed on other blogs and would love to do some of my own. Even if my first time turns out rubbishy, at least I've started.
Another thing I've been working on this past week was the collection of old cover kits and mini kits I have stored away. I am working my way through them and this one happened to be first . . .

I have already started work on my second and since they are quite simple, I hope to have my kit drawer free by the beginning of summer. I am still in the midst of exams but am finding time in the evening to stitch. Work has progressed on Charlie, but he has been a little neglected since I was working on my first sampler. I am now off to find finishing instructions and will resume my stitching later on.

Happy Stitching!

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Justflo said...

Well done with your card finish.
You'll have to have a look at the freebie patterns that are available on line there are so very nice ones. Good look with your exams.

Happy stitching to you.

Jen said...

You could have a go at hemstitching. I have some instructions I could email. I think it is iStitch who finishes a lot of her samplers this way. Good luck with the exams after half term.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

the wreath looks great.