Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My First Finish!

Well, not my very first finish, but it is the first completed design since I started blogging. Yes, after what seemed like days of back stitching here is Solo!

I got the kit from a recent craft show and stitched him using the threads and aida provided. I would warn anyone that is thinking of doing this design, that if you don't really like back stitching, pick another character! Although the end result is quite good, it was tricky following the chart and putting in tiny stitches. As I mentioned before, I am hoping to turn Solo into my first ever pin keep. A project like that may have to wait though, until I have the time and money! I finished Solo last night, so managed to put a bit more work into Charlie. He is the next design I would like to finish soon . . .

I found that I didn't really need a hope when stitching Solo, but I'd be lost if I didn't use one on Charlie! There's not really that much progress here, but I have got two nights of babysitting ahead of me so hopefully I will be able to showcase some better progress after that. The voting for head girl is tomorrow, I have a biology test, got to go to the gym and I'm going babysitting. Busy few days for me then!

I hope you all have a lovely week,

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MrsB said...

Lovely finish! All that backstitching is difficult, but the end result is amazing...Well worth the effort :o)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

that little kittie is sooooo cute.