Monday, 17 May 2010

Definite Progress

Some how my Sunday report has turned into a Monday report, but I guess that's how life goes sometimes! I've been having a busy few days what with study leave and drama. Drama seems to be taking over my life recently and I don't really like it. Oh well, the performance is next week, so it will hopefully be all over after that. I have been finding time for my stitching. I even stitched the other night whilst reciting some of my Biology model answers. Multi-tasking success! Here is my work on Charlie . . .

Quality of pictures is not great, that would be the fault of an enormous rain cloud that arrived just as I was taking the photos. Anyway, the ark part is now officially complete, although it is missing the back stitch, so now it's onto Charlie and his animals. Do you ever find that as soon as you get the bulk of the stitching done, the rest seems to go much quicker? That's what I've discovered on this design, I'm hoping it won't be too long before Charlie is finished and framed, ready for his pride of place on my wall.
Also these past few days, I have done a little bit more work on MS Hedgehog. I've put all the threads in a thread organiser because despite it just being a cover kit, there was a few shades of grey to tackle. Putting them in an organiser has made the whole process of changing thread a lot easier.

My first exam is tomorrow and it's General Studies. It's pretty easy so no revision is required. That meant I could spend the day with my friends, eating hot dogs and reading magazines in the *brief* sunshine. A blissful day. Got History and Drama performance to come so I'm not sure when my next post will be. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

I hope you all have a wonderful week,

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