Monday, 3 May 2010

Hello Charlie

No picture for Solo today as he is so close to being finished, I don't want to ruin the surprise. I didn't post yesterday in hope that I would finish him in time for today, but the back stitching is taking longer than I thought. It's the most complicated back stitching I have ever done, piercing aida blocks and stretching from half a block to four blocks. The chart isn't as clear as it could be so it is taking me some time. Hopefully, some time next week I will be able to show you a completed Solo!
Meanwhile, to give my eyes a rest from the tricky back stitching, Charlie came out to play. He's been in hiding for awhile since I was preoccupied with Solo, but I managed to put a few stitches on last night . . .

Margaret Shelley hedgehog has also come along a bit but I forgot to take a picture of that one. I've got some Biology revision to do this morning, and then I will be able to pick up my needle for a bit before we go out to dinner. Since it's a Bank Holiday and my family rarely have time off altogether, we decided we should have a meal out tonight. I hope you enjoy the holiday as much as I will.

Happy stitching,

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Jen said...

Hope you are having a great Bank Holiday. Have you ever tried stitching on evenweave or linen? That stops all the problems with the back stitch and makes fractionals vet easy. I only stitch on aida now if it is supplied with a kit or if it is a design with 100% fabric cover.