Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Two Decades

That's how old I am now :) Some days I think I haven't done much with my twenty years. Then other times, I think I'm doing pretty well. Studying a course I love at Uni, spending lots of time with my lovely family and I've met the love of my life already. I really am a very lucky girl :)

My luck continued a couple of days after my birthday when a lovely parcel popped through my letterbox. Mouse was kind enough to send me my own Birthday Stitch Parcel! Isn't this card so perfect? Mouse must know how fond I am of pretty tea sets :)

The parcel was wrapped with care and contained lots of lovely goodies. 

Hand-dyed fabric, tea cup backing fabric and a new pair of scissors, all in girlish hues of pink and purple - I love it all! Thank you so much Mouse for thinking of me, your parcel was very much appreciated.

The issues of last month meant I got behind with sending out my birthday parcels. But I have two wrapped and ready to be sent off in the post tomorrow. Cath from The Stitchin Chicken and Elisa from Old Ragged Threads are my next two victims for September and October :)

Gosh, it's getting close to having to think about Christmas stitching. I definitely want to do a big giveaway this year. I love the festive period and want to share my joy with you all :)

I'll be back with a stitching update soon!

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Lesleyanne said...

A lovely birthday gift from Mouse.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday! When was the special day?
Such a sweet gift from Mouse! You are a very lucky girl indeed! May the coming year be filled with all you wish for!

Elisa said...

Happy Belated Birthday Becka.....oooo I am all excited about my parcel, I'd forgotten about it what a treat. I wish I was only 2 decades I'm into 5th...41 this year :( xx

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! What a lovely gift

Karoline said...

Happy Birthday, you got a lovely gift

Lynn said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes!
Love your little pressie!