Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Birthday Giving

I've had two heartwarming emails this week, from two lovely women expressing their thanks for their Birthday Stitch Surprise parcels. This really is a selfish act for me, I really get a buzz out of sending gifts. I like to think of my little parcels making someone smile, it makes me feel all warm :)

The first email was from Peggy Lee from Kentucky Sampler who was August's recipient. I consider Peggy Lee to be a true blogging friend who is so kind and thoughtful. It was a joy putting this parcel together. As it was just after my holiday, Peggy Lee's package contained a couple of bits from France, as well as patriotic ribbon celebrating the jubilee. I suppose the theme for this one was summer :)

August's parcel contained two DMCs, a button tin, a length of soldier ribbon, a length of red ric rac, a postcard from France and a small bar of soap from France. I'm delighted to say that my parcel made Peggy Lee very happy indeed, and I couldn't be more overjoyed about that.

September's prize winner was a lot more closer to home. Cath from The Stitchin' Chicken was my victim this month and I'm glad to report she was chuffed with her package too, even if her daughter did run off with the sweeties! My thoughts on the theme were a cross between autumn colours and sewing bits.

Cath's parcel contained a pair of scissors, one DMC, a decorative button, a length of autumnal ribbon, sewing motif stickers, some Love Heart sweeties and chart - Heart in Hand Are you my mother?

Thank you both for taking part in my modest giveaway. I haven't got many parcels left to send now. I've already got ideas for a big Christmas giveaway at the end of November :) Stay tuned for that!

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Cath said...

Thanks again Bekca , the parcel was totally perfect for me , as Autumn is my favourite time of year , and I love the colours.
My daughter shared the sweets with her best friend ,lol. XXX

Catherine said...

Bekca, your birthday idea for this year has been so much fun ~ I love seeing what you come up with each month to send out!!

Lesleyanne said...

Both birthday gifts are gorgeous Becka.

lesli said...

Your gifts were both so lovely...and full of great ideas!

Mouse said...

awww nice parcels you sent out too :) and its better to give than to receive says la d da but sometimes its nice to get something back too
love mouse xxxx

Angela said...

I have enjoyed seeing your packages sent out each month and keep thinking what a really great idea!

Lynn said...

Both are beautiful parcels Bekca. I can see why they are so pleased. You're always so thoughtful!

Peggy Lee said...

I am just now getting back in to my bloggy world after being away for so long working.
I can't thank you enough for your sweet gifts for my birthday. I love it all!