Friday, 6 August 2010

Holiday Stitching

Hello again. I forgot to mention in previous blogs that I would be going on a short trip to the New Forest to visit my nan, that's why my blog has been a little quiet recently. We stayed at my Nan's house and visited Bournemouth and Salisbury whilst in that area. I did take Charlie along with me (he is now on the backstitching stages), but I found that I couldn't concentrate on him. Instead, I opted to start on one of the designs I had all the supplies ready for - Luck. This is my progress so far . . .

I really like the bold colours used in this piece and hope to have it finished by the weekend. Charlie has more work to go than I first realised, but he is coming along bit by bit.
Thank you all very much for your views on possible lap frames. I have started researching into them on the Internet, but for now I invested in a huge hoop and will see how I get on with that. I found that my stitching was getting squashed by smaller hoops, so I'm hoping I will like using this giant one better. I bought a couple of pieces in a haberdashery in Salisbury, including another pin cushion and two more skeins of variegated thread to use in red work.

So my summer stitching continues with Luck and Charlie, but I keep finding myself looking forward to brand new projects as soon as I get those two finished. I'll just keep stitching!
Have a wonderful weekend,
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grannyanne said...

Great new start. It helps to bind both rings of the hoop with bias binding. This stops your fabric from slipping and may cushion the stitches that get sqashed!

Mel said...

Looking good!