Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Fabulous Finish

I have not blogged in a whole week, which is pretty bad for me. But at least now I have something wonderful to share. Taa-daaah!

Charlie is all finished! I spent so many hours on him during this past week, including a four hour stint to finally finish the backstitch. The french knots turned out easier than expected - I think I'm getting better! I started on Charlie just before I started this blog so it's nice to have him finished. I think I'm going to frame him in a light wood frame, not sure when though! I have started on Snowmen (my first giveaway win kit) but have only done a little bit. I will be continuing with that and maybe put a few more stitches in the biggest project I have on the go at the moment. You'll just have to wait and see to find out what it is :)
I go back to school on Thursday so I'm spending my last couple of summer days getting organised, but also enjoying my hobbies and the relaxing nature of summer. My sister took me out for lunch today and I stocked up on key equipment that I'm going to need once I return to school; pens!
I hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend,

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Deb said...

That is such an adorable piece Bekca. Looks like there is a ton of backstitch in it. Not my favorite at all, but it just sets the piece off so well, doesn't it. I've never see this design before, but I think it's precious.

Justflo said...

Well done with your finish Bekca, it looks lovely.
Congrats on your results. Bet you're glad they're over with!!
The chocs sound delicious.

Happy stitching to you I'll be watching for your next choice.

Peggy Lee said...

Charlie is a cute piece. Very well done. I have just become a follower (don't know why I wasn't before).
You do very nice work.
Keep stitching!!

KimV said...

Lovely finish Becka... what a cute chart! I've never seen this one.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I absolutely love Charlie.