Saturday, 31 July 2010

Advice Needed

Since the summer began, I have been finding much more time to enjoy my stitching, which is why Charlie is coming along so well. I have been stitching this past week when I came home from Summer School and have got quite a bit done. I am hoping he will be finished this weekend so that I can start something new at the beginning of next week.

Summer School has now finished and I'm relieved to be honest. It was fun at certain points, but it is very tiring trying to keep younger children entertained. I'm glad I did it, but I'm glad it's over! And with the money I earned, I am hoping to buy a large cross stitch frame that will hold bigger projects. This is the part where I require some advice. I need a lap frame that can be easily stored, yet will still hold quite large projects. Does anyone have any ideas about which one, or which brand, I could look into? Any help or direction would be much appreciated :)

I hope you all have a wonderful stitchy weekend,
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Justflo said...

Love your stitching, it's coming along very well. Glad you enjoyed your Summer School. Extra funds always help. Wish I could be of help with your frame problem but I don't possess a lap frame. I have seen some on the web and would suggest that you do some web searching and reading.about the sizes and depth of them. My sister has one and she uses hers quite regularly. I'll try and find out what she has.

Happy searching and stitching of course.

Jen said...

I have a number of frames for different projects. My largest is an Elbesee Deluxe Stlye B Floor Frame which will take fabric upto 36" wide, ideal for Chatelain projects. I also have an Elbesee Posilock floor frame and a Lowery floor frame. These two allow you to fix your hoop or frame at the side or on top and having only one leg can be placed at the side of a chair or setee. I do not have a lap frame as such. My Mum does so I will get her to comment. Try looking at Sew and So's website to get an idea of what is available. My big frame came within two days from them.

grannyanne said...

I have a lapframe which is inside a case and I find it very useful but it will only do for projects for fabric 15" wide. It is made by Lapman. My favourite frame holder is a Lowery workstand which I have used for years with various makes and sizes of roller frame. Roller frames which I use regularly are by Elbesee which I get from Sew and So. A word of warning though you will need to use bubblewrap or equivalent to stop the letters on the plastic clips imprinting on your fabric. I do a lot of beading in my projects so I use bubblewrap anyway to protect the beads. Happy sewing to you.