Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Stitch From Stash Update: February

Hello everyone! I'm back with another SFS update. I've loved rummaging through my stash this month to find new projects. I've been using threads leftover from kits to make up some quick cards. Nothing is wasted here!

Money spent in February: £0!

I can't believe I've managed this two months in a row. I've got so many lovely kits and charts and fabric and threads that I don't need to buy anything just yet. I'm trying to keep spending low in other areas of my life too, so I'll only be purchasing items that I really need.

Finished WIPs:

Two little cards made from spare threads and offcuts of fabric.

Dolly's Stroll is all finished up and waiting for a frame.

Current WIPs:

I haven't managed to move forward on Solo since your last saw him. The backstitching is very intricate, so I'm saving it for a time where I don't have as much Uni work to do. I'm hoping he'll be a March finish though :)

New Starts:

I could resist no longer! I had a little break from big projects after finishing Farmhouse, but this one was calling out to me last week. I've got a fair few stitches in. It's not easy, as the colours used are all very similar, with lots of blended threads too. But I know it's going to be beautiful when it's finished. My new start is Dimensions, White Magic. 

That's all from me today. I'm now going to spend the rest of the day writing for my dissertation. I find doing a little bit every day really helps me - slow and steady wins the race :) I hope you've all had a brilliant start to the week.
Best wishes,


Sarah said...

Lovely finishes for the month! Glad to hear your dissertation is coming along, looking forward to having you back on your other blog :-)

Angela P said...

Great for you! Congrats on not spending any budget :) Lovely stitching too.

gillyflower said...

Good for you Bekca, for not buying any new embroideries, for finishing off all those pretty pieces, and for having such a good approach to your dissertation - slow and steady is the way forward!
Good luck with your studying!
Gill xx

Carol said...

You're doing great on your budget, Bekca--and your stitching looks wonderful... Good luck with your dissertation writing :) I'm sure it will be great!

Elisa said...

Great stitching and great budget sticking too...wishing you all the best with your dissertation x

Lesleyanne said...

Well done on not spending any money. Your finishes are gorgeous and great new start.

Karoline said...

Congratulations on your finishes and great progress on your projects

Dani - tkdchick said...

Well done on getting quite a few pieces finished during this last month

Catherine said...

Congrats to you ion using what you have!! Love your stitches ad good luck with your uni work!