Sunday, 9 March 2014

Travelling Pattern

Hello everyone! There isn't a cloud in the sky as I type this post. It's so wonderful to see the sun after so long! Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, birdsong and daffodils and crisp cool breezes. I hope you're enjoying Spring delights wherever you are :)
I was very lucky to be chosen by Elisa to be the next person to stitch an amazing travelling pattern. Thank you so much Elisa! I will be the 38th person to stitch this gorgeous design. As soon as I'm finished with it, I'll pass it on to the next person. Look out for a post about this soon. 
The pattern arrived at the most perfect time. I had just arrived home from handing in my dissertation. Yes, it's all finished! Woohoo! The whole thing came to nearly 12,800 words in the end. Phew, I'm glad to have got it handed in nice and early. So I was free to start my new pattern straight away. Here's where I'm up to . . .

Whilst I was still working on my dissertation, my stitching was my therapy in the evenings. I've made a fair amount of progress on White Magic, I love the look of this one so far. 

I plan on chilling for the rest of this weekend, I think I deserve a bit of downtime! Me and my housemates will be tuning into Crufts later on, is anybody else watching? I adore dogs and cannot wait to have my own puppy. One day maybe :P
Best wishes to all,


Catherine said...

Congrats on your dissertation!! What a big relief that must be to have finished. I used my stitching in college as a form of stress relief too. You've added quite a few stitches!

Peggy Lee said...

Great progress Bekca!
I can feel your sense of relief about your dissertation being finished. YAY!
I can't believe you are stitching on black linen! How do you do that? I have tried but end up driving myself mad. What count is it?

Sarah said...

Congrats on the dissertation! Massive achievement. Hope you have a lovely weekend of stitching and treat yourself a bit as a reward!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. Congrats on the dissertation.

Carol said...

So glad to hear your dissertation is all wrapped up, Bekca--congratulations!! That must have been a massive undertaking... Now to relax with your pretty stitching and some warm and sunny spring weather :) Enjoy!!