Thursday, 6 February 2014

February Finishes

There's nothing like being inside when the rain is pouring. You pull a snuggly blanket over your legs, set up a good TV show and stitch away. It's one of my favourite things to do. There has been an awful lot of rain recently, so plenty of time for stitching! I have some finishes to share.
First up, I added the finishing touches to my cards. These were both made from various scraps and threads from my stash. I have a huge stock of blank cards too. I'm hoping to actually use some of them this year. 

And next up, another finished piece. I put the final backstitching into Dolly's Stroll this morning. It makes such a difference to the design.

As soon as I find a suitable frame in one of the charity shops, this little lovely will be pressed and framed. I'm actually quite sad that I've finished this piece. It was such a pleasant stitch. But that does mean I get to go stash diving in the near future! I'm not sure if I want to spend my stitching time making up a few more cards, or starting a larger project straight away. I'll have a rummage and see what takes my fancy. 
I have some Uni reading to be getting on with this afternoon, but you can bet I'll be picking up my needle later on this evening :)
Best wishes to all,


Mii Stitch said...

Your little cards are lovely Becka! I hope you find a decent frame for your latest finish, it is so sweet :)

Sarah said...

Lovely finishes, looking forward to seeing Dolly in a frame

gillyflower said...

The cards are lovely Bekca, and the little girl with her doll is so sweet. Best thing to do in this miserable weather!
Gill xx

Lesleyanne said...

Your finishes are gorgeous Becka. Look forward to seeing your framed piece.

Carol said...

Such cute finishes, Bekca--I don't know where you find the time to stitch with your busy schedule!! Love the cards--I, too, have so many blank cards that I should start using up! I know the recipients will be very pleased :)

Anonymous said...

Your finishes are lovely especially the AOY - so cute.
Your blog is great.

Karoline said...

Cute finishes, congratulations