Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stitching in the TARDIS

Finally! Some stitching!
I thought I'd share what I was stitching on prior to and during my holiday. The pair were suppose to be a gift for a dear friend. They still are, but she knows all about it since I left one of the charts out in my room. Still, I know she will love them all framed up :)

Fans of the TV show Doctor Who will know exactly who I have stitched up here. On the left is Mr David Tennant and on the right is Mr Matt Smith. My friend is a massive Doctor Who fan (or Whovian!) and after I collected the Matt Smith chart, I just had to stitch them for her.
I've got frames at the ready, but was halted in finishing them by a severe problem. My house is without an iron. This hindered my finishing day that I was suppose to have had this week. I've got nothing to get the crinkles out! Hopefully, we are purchasing an iron early next week so I can get finishing soon :) Returning to blog reading has shown me so many beautiful examples of finished pieces, I am envious of the talent out there. I'm sure I will learn with practice :)

So, although I couldn't finish any cross stitch pieces, I did get a couple of craft things ticked off my to-do list. I fixed the hole in my CK bag, ordered more bobbins from eBay and popped a button on this cute bag . . .

I've had this bag for ages and was quite upset when I lost the button. Now it has a nice new shiny button and is ready to be used once more :) I don't like things going to waste.

I hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes,

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lesli said...

Those are gorgeous charts you've stitched up for your friend! I bet she had a huge grin on her face when she discovered them! :)

So happy you were able to fix your CK Bag....the button is lovely.

Peggy Lee said...

Wow! Super stitching!
Your bag is cute. Nice job mending it.

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitched pieces for your friend. Hope you get your iron soon so you can finish them up for her.