Saturday, 18 August 2012

An Unforgettable Trip

I had the most amazing time in France! It's taken me a whole week to re-adjust to my life back home and I don't think I'm quite there yet. At least the unpacking is done :P
This is a post about my lovely holiday. A stitching update will be here soon :)

So, we set off early to get to St Pancras station in order to get across to France. St Pancras is a beautiful station, I thought the Olympic rings looked very impressive.
The Olympic Rings at St Pancras station.

When we arrived at our villa very late that night, I thought I had just arrived on a movie set. It was a large, stone coloured building with a huge kitchen, rustic interior with it's own swimming pool and cinema system. I was in awe to be in such luxury. 
The next couple of days were mainly spent relaxing by the pool and diving into my books I had saved for the occassion. I started reading the Sherlock Holmes stories, and they're really rather good.

On the first cloudy day, we went out for an adventure to Carcossonne castle. As you can see by the picture below, it's quite an impressive place!


Me and Lawrence at Carcassonne.

The food in France is amazing. Although I couldn't enjoy the national baguettes or croissants, I really did tuck into all the gorgeous fresh produce. Every corner shop sells amazing fruit and vegetables. I wish it was that accessible in the UK.
I also enjoyed a lot of local seafood. We were really close to the coast, so that is all very fresh too. Lawrence treated me to lunch one day at a local seafood restaurant. I went with the mussels and they were delicious.

But alas, you can take the boy out of Britain . . .
Despite all the wonderful French food that we could indulge in, my Lawrie couldn't resist ordering this beast of a burger one night! Oh well, at least it came with French fries ;)

We were staying in the village of Capestang which really was very typical of the South of France region. There are a handful of shops, including an ice cream place that me and Lawrence frequently visited :) I thought the following picture really captured the lazy essence of Capestang. It really is a slow-pace of life there.

You can just see Capestang church over the roof, and I love the little pup on the doorstep!

As I said before, we were very close to the coast and took advantage of this for a couple of days. It was very lovely lounging on the beach, but when the heat got to us, me and Lawrence escaped to the beach cafes to sip cooling drinks and eat yet more ice cream :)

Valdras Plage

I really did have the most blissful two weeks away. I know just how lucky I am to have been treated to this holiday by Lawrence's parents. They were so unbelievably generous and I couldn't thank them enough. I got spoilt the whole trip, with Lawrence gifting me with souvenirs and meals out. I am a very lucky lady!

Outside Beziers' Cathedral

I would love to return to France one day, it's a beautiful part of the world. But there are lots of other beautiful places I want to see too :)
Thank you so much for reading this post! I had a few requests for pictures from my holiday, I think I picked a good selection. I won't bore you with all of them, I got a little snap happy I think!

Coming up from me will be a stitching up and a Cath Kidston update :)
Best wishes to all,

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Peggy Lee said...

Such a beautiful place to visit. Looks like you and Lawrence had a great time. You'll be glad you took so many pictures. Love today's digital capabilities. I remember having a 110 and developing pictures with my thumb in front of the lens...ughh!!

Can't wait to see your stitching pics too!


Catherine said...

Wow, Bekca! What a fabulous trip! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. There are s many places I would lovey one day visit and posts Iike yours are the next best thing!
I believe you have a keeper there in Lawrence and it sounds like his family is just as wonderful.

robindefender said...

Looks you had a great holiday. Congrats.

Deborah said...

Becka, your holiday looks wonderful! Thanks for the beautiful photo's. You and Lawrence make a lovely couple.

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely pictures! France is definitely a place I would love to visit someday. Glad to see that you had such a nice time there.


lesli said...

Beautiful pictures! You and Lawrence are ADORABLE! :)

Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

Mouse said...

0000 nice to see you both :) gorgeous photos of your holiday and the weather was good for you too .. looking forward to seeing the stitching progress's too :) love mouse xxxx

Carol said...

What an amazing trip, Bekca!! You are one lucky young lady, I'd say :) Thanks for sharing your lovely photos--I've never been to France, but it is definitely on my "someday" list!!

Chris said...

It looks like you had an amzing trip. Lovely pics.

valerie said...

Becka, it looks like you all had a wonderful trip! So glad...wonderful photos.