Friday, 31 August 2012

Progress and a Plea

Good evening everyone!
I definitely felt a chill when I was walking to work this morning. I do believe Autumn may be in the air, and I for one am very glad about this. Most of you know I love Autumn, it's the most beautiful season. So my next project is really rather fitting.

I've made a good start on Lizzie Kate's Autumn Sampler . . .

I'm using a mixed bunch of threads on this design, DMC, Sampler Threads and WDW. I picked out colours I had to hand, as well as some of those suggested. I want to get this displayed this year, so I better get stitching!

And now I have a favour to ask of the wonderful blogging community. I am a girl in need of assistance.

Who remembers the Pokemon stitches I was doing for Lawrence? This was the second one I finished, Blastoise. Both have been stitched on 28ct Mushroom Jazlyn. When I went to get the same colour of fabric from my stash to get started on the final design, I found I didn't have enough. No matter, I thought, I'll just order some more.

But no longer stocks 28ct Mushroom Jazlyn!
I searched on UK websites too and it just appears to have vanished into non-existence.
So now I send out my plea to the blogging world. Does any one out there have a cut of 28ct Mushroom Jazlyn that I may have? I am quite willing to pay for it, or do a swap with some fabric that I have currently. I only need a 40cm x 40cm square. I understand it might now quite be the exact shade as the original cut, but it will be closer in colour to anything else.
I'd really like to finish the trio of Pokemon for Lawrence. I hope some one out there can help a girl out! Feel free to leave a comment or email me on:
stitchinglion -AT- hotmail -DOT- co -DOT- uk

Thank you so much my friends for reading. Here's hoping someone can save the day :)

Best wishes,


robindefender said...

Your autumn piece is looking fabulous. Sadly I do not have any jazlyn, or I'd be happy to send you a piece. Good luck on your fabric hunt!

Mouse said...

ooooo well done on the stitching front and mmmmmm let me look in my stash ... I just may be able to save the day .... hang on .....noooooo just checked my stash .... and I was sure I had a piece ... will keep looking in case I have put it with something else ....
love mouse xxxx

Carol said...

Oh, what a shame about the fabric--sure hope you can locate some, Bekca!

Lovely start on the fall LK piece--autumn is definitely in the air here, too. And what a welcome relief after our summer of record-breaking temperatures!!

Lesleyanne said...

Great new start on your Autumn L*K. I haven't any mushroom jazlyn but do have some mushroom lugana. If that is any help.

Catherine said...

Sure wish I had some fabric to send you. Hopefully you will find some!

Angela said...

Love the new Autumn project, it's my favorite season too. Sorry I don't have any Mushroom Jazlyn but I do understand your frustration as Lugana replaced their Mushroom with Platinum and it's just not quite the same! Not sure why they do this to us :)

stitcheranon said...

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