Thursday, 28 October 2010

Half Term Stitching

Half term has been lovely so far. I'm doing a little bit of school work each day (not enough really, but I am suppose to be relaxing :)) and spending the rest of the time doing fun things. Fright Night was brilliant. Especially all the big rides in the dark, particularly Rush and Nemesis. Click on the links to see videos to get what I mean :) I screamed the most on Rush, I thought I was going to fall into the sky!
On the stitching front, I have been working on The Foxes. This kit comes with a pale green aida, which I really like working on. The colours too are so bold, it's very hard to put down.

I am also continuing with my Twilight project and I'm now up to three and a bit squares, so I'm over half way. I'm making these into little pillows for my closest friends who all love Twilight.

In other stitchy relevant news, after seeing an ad in the latest CrossStitcher, I bought some magazines from a kind lady who lives just around the corner from me. They were very reasonable as I didn't have to pay p&p, so I came away with quite a few. I haven't got the room to store the whole magazines so I'm taking charts that I like and storing them into a big binder folder. I'm already on my second one of these from previous purchases of old magazines. Here's just a sample of what I got for my £5 note :)

I'm meeting up with friends tomorrow for a movie day with Ben &Jerry's ice cream. Yum! Then I've got a few more days to stitch, relax and hopefully get a bit more schoolwork done before I go back next Wednesday.
I hope you're all having a lovely week,

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Justflo said...

You're making some lovely gifts for your friends. I sure they will love them.

Lynn said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your break. I love the gifts you're making for your friends. I'm sure they'll love them!
Great purchase!! Hope you get a lot of charts from them.

Carol said...

That is so sweet of you to take the time to make Twilight pillows for your friends, Bekca!! I'll bet they'll adore them :)

That looks like a cute little WIP, too--love the colors in it and the pretty fabric. Enjoy!

BeckySC said...

Your a sweetie, Bekca :) Your friends will be thrilled!!