Saturday, 23 October 2010


My stash parcel arrived on Thursday, but I had a big Sixth Form party that night so it's taken me till now to post. I must first recommend Sew and So, it's a brilliant website with everything you could ever need. They have reasonable prices and the p&p was only £1! So, here's a picture of what I got . . .

1. The Foxes Kit, Bothy Threads
2. Chilly Paws & Love Cats Chart, Brittercup Designs
3. Be Naughty Chart with Buttons, Lizzie*Kate
4. Merry Friends Santa '03 Chart, Lizzie*Kate
5. 28 Count Jazlyn Mushroom - 19x27

I had been looking at the Bothy Threads kit for awhile as it keeps appearing in CrossStitcher. It's my eighteenth birthday present to myself for last month :) I really love Lizzie*Kate designs so I thought I'd buy some to make myself and that's why I got the evenweave too. The Britty Kitty charts are adorable and I will be starting those soon I think.
I've already put some stitches into The Foxes, but not enough for a photo. It's half term now, so I've got much more time to sit and stitch. This is good news, as I've got so many projects I want to do! I'm up to two squares on the Twilight project and I want to finish Snowmen soon too. So that's exactly how I'm going to spend my Saturday, and then it's off to Thorpe Park tomorrow for Fright Night. I'm really looking forward to going on all the big rollercoasters in the dark :)
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing,

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Cath said...

Ooooh , great stash . I love Sew and So too , but can't afford to go visit too often , lol

Daffycat said...

Love that stash! I love stash even if it isn't mine lol!

Have a blast stitching today!

Carol said...

Enjoy your new goodies, Bekca and all your extra stitching time during half-term!

Rollercoasters in the dark?!! I don't think so--even when I was your age :)

Lynn said...

I've never heard of roller coaster rides in the dark. That would be awesome!
Your new stash looks wonderful. I'm anxious to see a progress pic on The Foxes.