Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Our Easter Holiday

Hello everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the long Easter weekend. I had a wonderful time in Devon with Lawrence and his family. I thought I would share a couple of photos of my trip, taken with my new camera :) There's no stitching on offer today I'm afraid, so feel free to skip! :P

The view from our bedroom window.

Saturday was spent walking to Lynmouth. The sun was shining and the views were spectacular.

You can just see the rest of the group in the distance. I kept falling behind :P

Me and Lawrence at the top of the first hill - excuse our wind-battered hair!

It was so lovely to see spring lambs in the fields. 

Lawrence being champion of the world at Woody Bay.

I think this was my favourite picture from the trip. I do love being out in the countryside.

I'll be back soon with my next SFS update. I've finally spent some money, I know, shocking! I'm currently working on White Magic and I'll have a pic of that up soon too :)
Best wishes to all,


Carol said...

Your Devon trip looks delightful, Bekca! I love being in the countryside, too--you always return home feeling so rejuvenated :)

Melissa said...

What beautiful scenery! Makes me wish spring would hurry up here :)

Elisa said...

Great pictures, glad you had a good break x

gillyflower said...

Looked a lovely holiday Bekca, with lots of lovely scenery - a well earned break after all your hard work studying!
Gill xx

Terri said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful place to visit!