Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lazy Days of Spring

 Greeting friends! It's surprising to see some of my fellow bloggers still experiencing snow at this time of year. I do hope it all melts away soon! Here in Winchester, we didn't see any snow at all this year, which I am in two minds about. On one hand, I love the beauty of snow and trudging around in it. On the other, it can become quite a nuisance after awhile!
Spring is in full swing around these parts. I love seeing all the daffodils softly swaying in the breeze. It's nice to have longer days too, which of course means more time for stitching :) I've had a couple of very restful days recently where all I've done is stitched and watched box sets! Don't worry, I'm not completely lazy, just having a bit of TLC before the next assignments are due :) 

I've managed a fair amount of progress on White Magic. One quarter is done, apart from the backstitching. Here's where I'm up to on this project . . .

As much as I love this piece, I was getting a bit bored of black and grey. It seemed a little out of place when the sun is shining brightly outside. So I set my needle on a different project, Country Cottage Needleworks The Tea Room. As you can see, I've whizzed through this one! Not long to a finish I reckon :)

And in other stitching news, I've finally spent some of my SFS allowance! Me and my housemate (who is a fellow cross stitcher) made a large order to 123Stitch last week. Here's hoping our mammoth parcel arrives soon. I'll be sure to show and tell when my goodies arrive :) 
I hope you are enjoying the delights of Spring wherever you are.
Best wishes,


Dani - tkdchick said...

Becka, the wolves are looking fantastic but yes sometimes a tone on tone project gets a little hard to trudge though so its nice to have a bright and colourful distraction now and again!

Look forward to your stash report!

Carol said...

It's nice to mix up projects now and then, Bekca! Lovely progress on both!

I can't believe you had no snow at all considering what a horrid winter we had in the States... Our daffodils haven't even bloomed yet--think they're still in shock from the winter :)

Enjoy your 123Stitch order--I just placed one myself :)

Karoline said...

Both projects are looking lovely :)

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely projects. Look forward to seeing what treats you have brought yourself from 123 stitch.

ricketyjo said...

Great stitching and I bet you are excited waiting for your parcel to arrive!