Sunday, 8 September 2013

I'm baaack!

Gosh, that was a longer break than I intended to take! Sorry for the unplanned hiatus, but I'm returning to the stitching world now and I'm so excited about it :)
I meant to post about Europe shortly after returning, but it became one of those things you only remember last thing at night, or when you can't get to a computer. I shall put up a post tomorrow with a few pictures from my adventures. I had the most wonderful, amazing, incredible trip and it's given me a thirst for more travelling.
Also this week, I'll be sure to post about my stitching progress. Even though I've taken an extended break from the blog, I've still been putting needle to thread most days. Pictures will be up this week.
I really needed to relax with my stitching lately, as I've had to make a few adult choices. My third and final year at University starts in a fortnight, and to give myself the best chance at getting top grades, I decided to leave my job at Cath Kidston. It was a hard choice, because it is a wonderful company to work for and I've made great friends. But I came to Winchester in the first place to achieve a decent degree, so I need to put my heart and soul into that this year. Of course, it will mean I shall have to stick to my student budget so I can last the year! I'm sure that will be no problem :)
I love that during my absence, my blog came to find me! Thank you so much to Elisa over at Old Ragged Threads for sending me a birthday parcel :) I've been very good and tucked it away until the big day, although I'm itching to open it :P I turn 21 this year, how mad is that?

Thank you all for not abandoning me. I've been running The Stitching Lion for so many years now, and I don't plan on giving it up any time soon :) I cannot wait to see what you've all been up to this summer, I'm going to get started on my blog reader right this minute.
Best wishes,


Lesleyanne said...

Welcome bsck. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Look forward to seeing your stitching.

CalamityJr said...

Those grown up decisions can be tough, but I'm sure your studies will reflect your wisdom. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

Teresa said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip can't wait to hear more.
Can't believe your so far along a uni. I remember when you got excepted.

Carol said...

Welcome back, Bekca--really looking forward to hearing about your trip!!

Best of luck with your studies this year :)

Karoline said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a good trip, I'm looking forward to hearing about it

Catherine said...

Welcome back!! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Best of luck with your studies this year!