Saturday, 28 September 2013

Back to It

Good morning stitching friends! Gosh, what a week it's been. I celebrated my 21st birthday, returned to University for my final year and I'm heading out soon to complete my final two shifts for Cath Kidston. By Sunday, it will all be over. I'm having mixed feelings about leaving my job. The people there are so kind and it is a beautiful place to work. But my heart and my head both know that concentrating on my degree is the most important thing right now :)
I am gradually getting into the habit of working during the day, having an hour for lunch, working up until dinner time, having dinner and then relaxing with my stitching. I think this is a good balance :) It seems to be working, as I have a finish to share!

I found this sweet little Eeyore design in my stash. It was a cover kit from an old cross stitching magazine from awhile ago. I'm trying to get a head start with my Christmas stitching, so this one will be made into a lavender pillow and be gifted to a dear friend. She happens to love anything Winnie the Pooh! I'm making quite a few of my gifts this year, including birthday presents. I have one of those to share in another post :)
As soon as I finished Eeyore, I couldn't wait to start on some of my birthday stash! Cath from The Stitchin' Chicken gave me some lovely kits, as seen in an earlier post. I couldn't wait to get my needle stuck into this one. The darling cat reminds me of Tiptoe. It will be a fitting tribute to my old friend :)

This design has a lot of block stitching, but that means it's perfect for relaxing after a long day :)
And I've even managed to spend some time on Farmhouse this week too. The cows are finished and backstitched. I have just begun working on the border. I've also turned my attention to the backstitching on the house too, that's going to be time consuming but worth it in the end.

That's it from me today. I'm off now to do my penultimate shift at Cath. One bright side for leaving my job is that I'll have more time to stitch! And study for my degree I suppose :P
Best wishes,


Cath said...

Lovely stitching , I'm so pleased the kits are being put to good use. Great start on the cat .

Catherine said...

Your stitching looks great! Being a fan of Pooh myself, I will say that your friend has wonderful taste!
Your plan for studying and stitching sounds wonderful ~ best of luck this year!

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish and a great new start. Lovely progress on the farmhouse.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your stitching is looking great... Christmas stitching... gosh not even thingking of that!

Karoline said...

Cute finish & great progress on your farmhouse.

Good luck with your final year

Wagapapa said...

Lovely finish.

The farmhouse looks great, it's a big job!


gillyflower said...

Belated Happy 21st Birthday wishes Bekca!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Birthday celebration.
Sounds like a busy year ahead, maybe just a swell to focus on that rather than trying to do too much, but what a great job that must have been, and such good experience - good for your CV!
Gill xx