Sunday, 24 June 2012

June's Parcel

Good evening everyone! Am I the only girlfriend who has reverted to a football widow during the current Euro Tournament? I thought I'd take the time to catch up with some lovely blog reading, rather than spending the night yelling tactics at the screen. Love you honey!

So, I got word from Terri that June's Birthday Stitch Surprise parcel has arrived safely. This was actually an Un-Birthday gift, as no one with a true June birthday entered at the very start! I'm so glad the parcel was a success nonetheless :) Here's a picture of what I sent . . .

My theme this time was patriotic, as I know Terri is very proud of her country. Red, white and blue Duchess floss, alongside two cuts of lace from a local craft market and a length of floral fabric, featuring my thematic colours. And a handmade card too, I've really got back into making them lately.
Thank you Terri for being a good sport and getting involved with an Un-Birthday gift :) I do believe Teresa is next up, but patience will be key again I'm afraid. I move back to Winchester the weekend before that date and I'm also working too. I've also got to attempt to purchase furniture and organise my new room at the same time. July looks just as packed as June!

I had a wonderful time at Summer Ball. I haven't got a picture of me and Lawrence yet as they are still on his mum's camera, but I couldn't resist showing off my dress :) This is me and my friend Emma posing for the photo - I'm on the right :)

EDITED: Sorry, having a bit of technical difficulty with the photos. We may have to wait a bit longer before I can finally reveal my dress :) Sorry!

It was a really wonderful night. I was so proud of Lawrie, doing his bit as Head Boy and handing out the awards of the evening. I did love being by his side :)

I've got a couple more days of work before I head off on the train to go and see the new house in Glastonbury. I'm not sure what to expect but I am looking forward to seeing my parents.
I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!

Best wishes,


Dani - tkdchick said...

Your picture of you and your firend didn't post properly... or at least I can't see it I don't know about anyone else.

What a lovely parcel you sent out!

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely birthday gift sent out. The picture of you and your friend didn't come out.

Angela said...

Unfortunately I can't see your lovely picture either :( Great un Birthday gift for Teri! Thankfully my DH hates Football :)

Catherine said...

Lovely parcel you out together! Sounds like everything is going well and keeping you very busy!

Tracey said...

Hi Bekca, thankyou for a while ago for the comment on my blog , had a few hicups but seam a bit better now, thanks again
Tracey xx