Friday, 27 April 2012

My Very Own BAP

I spoke sneakily of hidden treasure at the end of my last post. Well, I found a project that I thought had long gone. This was the first kit I ever bought when I first started cross stitching. It's a beautiful farmhouse scene, with all the farm animals surrounding it. I bought it from Hobbycraft with some Christmas money I'd saved specially and brought it home.

 It was much too big for a beginner like me. I made the ultimate error by starting in the corner, not measuring out the middle.
I struggled through it, making big pens lines all over the original chart - oh how little I knew!

When I realised just how messed up it was, I vowed to start it again properly. I bought new fabric (14 ct aida!) and spent an age putting all the thread colours onto an organiser. 

But then it vanished to the bottom drawer of my craft tower, buried by other charts and numerous threads. It  surfaced yesterday and I was so full of ambition that I decided to start it there and then!
Here's where I'm up to so far . . .

This really is the biggest project I've ever attempted. But it's stitched on aida and I've got all the thread colours sorted, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I would love to get this finished and framed this year. I would love to have this design hanging in my own kitchen in my own house one day :)

Do you have any large projects that you just can't seem to finish? I'd love to hear about them :)

Best wishes,

PS It's like feast or famine here isn't it?! No posts for weeks and then two in two days :) And I've got more planned soon too!


Anonymous said...

Hello Bekca

That is a lovely project.

Good luck with it this time around!

lesli said...

I know you can finish this year! Just look at each animal as a small project and the house as a medium one...easy peasey! :)
I love that you found this and it's is still dear to you! I look at patterns in my stash and think, "why in the world did I buy that ugly thing?"

I'm looking forward to seeing the little pond, I love that little bit of blue it brings to the piece!

Carol said...

I think you'll really enjoy this piece this time around, Bekca... I especially love the sheep (of course--what stitcher doesn't love sheep?) and the roosters... Best of luck to you :)

Sarah said...

It's so nice that you're having another go at it! I cringe when I think of some of the pattern abuses that were involved in my early cross stitching life.

Is it big enough to enter in Becky's BAP challenge?

Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your BAP. I'm sure you will be fine. Remember just take it one stitch at a time. Look forward to seeing your progress.

Mouse said...

oooo well done on having the courage to re start especially after your first attempt ... take it in small steps and you will be fine especially with us lot behind you giving you the odd nudge or two love mouse xxxxx

Catherine said...

What a beautiful piece! Love it all, but especially the sheep!

Marsha said...

I love it, and it has Horses! The BAP I threw in the closet is Sarah Owens. Our guild decided to stitch her as an Ohio sampler. She's just not a fun stitch. But some day I'll resurrect her. (she's in a nice basket now, not the closet)

gillyflower said...

What a lovely pattern Becka, it is going to be worth all the hard work. I think you did the right thing to start again, it would have been so disappointing for you had you put a lot of effort into the first one and it hadnt worked.
And just think how chuffed you will be when you see it one day hanging in your own kitchen - that will always be your incentive to finish it!

Lynn said...

This is a lovely project Bekca and I commend you for taking it on once more!
I have one large project that I've never finished and I don't think it ever will be. I starting stitching a huge Stoney Creek dragon on 18ct black for my son. I got as far as finishing the dragon's head and gave up. The colours were all so similar and working on the black was difficult. I wasn't enjoying it at all and it was creating a lot of stress for me which I didn't need at the time.