Tuesday, 17 January 2012

January Goals 2012

I know I'm terribly late with this post, but hey, it's still January so why not?
Looking back at last year's New Year's resolutions, I managed to get a fair few done. My personal ones last year were:
1) Work hard for good grades for Uni - Success! I am a student at the University of Winchester and loving it.
2) Have more picnics - This one came true too, including a particularly delightful one with Lawrence when we were in the Lake District.
3) Take more film when on outings - this one could definitely be improved. I want to preserve memories as much as I can.

As for my stitching related ones, not too shabby on this front either:
1) Complete an LHN design - Complete! I finished Nature's Beauty and I've got more LHN now in my stash thanks to recent purchases.
2) Host a giveaway - Complete! I held my first blogaversary giveaway in April and I'm soon to hold another.

3) Take part in a small exchange - Complete! Although it unfortunately didn't last for all the rounds, I did take part in the Rotating Designer exchange and I hope Lesleyanne liked my piece! I adored what she stitched for me :)
4) Work on my fairies design - Oh dear, it's still tucked away . . .
5) Stitch something for a RAK - Not achieved last year, but I'm making it up for it this year with the Birthday Stitch Surprise.

6) Complete the ornament a month challenge - what with schoolwork and other commitments, it just isn't possible for me to definitely complete this. I'm sure I'll fit in a few though.

As for this year, I've seen so many posts about New Year challenges and I love reading them all. The big challenges are just not for me though, I haven't yet acquired as much wonderful stash as lots of you lucky ladies! I do have a few goals for this year though, a mix of personal and stitching.

1. I want to complete the Birthday Stitch Surprise - a parcel of goodies to one person each month. This one should be no problem to complete, it really is lovely choosing things others might like.

2. I want to become more confident on my sewing machine and improve my finishing techniques. I am still relatively new to finishing, but I'm getting better with each piece. I just need the practice.

3. To continue to work hard at Uni. I know how lucky I am to be here, and I thoroughly enjoy my course.

4. To become better at baking. I absolutely adore baking, it's my favourite hobby, second only to cross stitching. And it is a perk of living in a student house, you can bake lots and not have to worry about your weight - baked good disappear fast enough! I'm thinking I will post a few pics and recipes from time to time, I've got one lined up already.

5. To collect more egg cups. I've only just started this collection, but it's becoming a bit addicting. I love how they look lined up on my shelf.

So there you have it, my plan for the year. I hope you all enjoy seeing my progress on each of these tasks. I love reading about your goals :)
Best wishes,


Sarah said...

Lovely goals! I know what you mean about not having enough stash to join in with the big new years challenges. . . I have a feeling we might get there one day though!

Looking forward to seeing more of your baking, I love being able to pick up recipes from lovely bloggie ladies who have shared their thoughts. I'm looking forward to seeing your sewing machine progress too, it's one of my goals when I get my machine back in March - maybe we should have a finishing challenge/sewing machine SAL together sometime?

Happy Stitching as always,

Catherine said...

Great goals! Wishing you all the best in reaching them!!

BeckySC said...

Good Luck with your goals dear Bekca :)

Karen said...

Sounds like you are set to have a very productive year! good luck with your studies and stitching...

Lesleyanne said...

Great goals. Good luck with them. I adored my Santa you stitched for the Rotating Designer exchange. I'm glad you liked yours. Can't wait to see your egg cup collection.

Carol said...

I love your attitude about feeling so lucky to be at the University of Winchester, Bekca--very admirable indeed. And feeling grateful for something will certainly inspire you to work harder than if you took it for granted...

I'll bet egg cups would be a very fun collection--good luck building it up and best of luck with all your goals!

Peggy Lee said...

Very nice goals. They all seem like they are realistic too.
Egg cups huh? I will keep that in mind ;)

Lynn said...

I think you did quite well with your goals last year especially considering your studies. I know you'll do well again this year.
You'll have to get out your camera and take a pic of those egg cups for us to see.
BTW did I ever tell you I've been to Winchester?

Mouse said...

oooo I think you did very well on your goals :) stash comes with more years and a few crafty bargains ..lol
ooo would like to see your egg cup collection :) and I am sure you will make your goals for this year tooo ... :) love mouse xxxx

Teresa said...

Looks like you did several wonderful things this past year with many wonderful goals for the upcoming year.
I hope you meet all your goals or have fun trying.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches