Friday, 28 October 2011

So Close

Hello everyone, happy Friday! How are we all? The weather seems to have turned much colder in Winchester recently, time to find the big woolen scarves and mittens I think.
I've found some time this week to put a few stitches in All Things Bright and it's coming along a treat.

I'm on the home stretch on this design now and I can't wait to finish it into a long pillow, I've picked the fabric out and everything. I'm taking this one with me when I go home today so I should have some relaxing time with my stitching.
I'm so looking forward to visiting home. My mum says she's already prepared a slap up tea with all my favourites - isn't she the best? And my sister is going to be at home too, so it will be very lovely to catch up with her.
After I return from my weekend at home, it will be time to start the Christmas Ornament Challenge! Who else is really quite excited about this? I've already started collecting patterns that I know I want to stitch. Needles will be poised and ready on November the first I think. This is a great way to practice on my new sewing machine too. I haven't got it quite yet, but I'm thinking I'll have it either this week or next, very excited about that too.
What are you up to at the weekend? I hope you have fun whatever you do :)
Best wishes,


Teresa said...

I hope you have a lovely visit at home. Glad your mom is making some special treats for you.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Sarah said...

Have a great visit home - I loved mum's cooking before I went to uni, but I think I appreciated it even more after! Your sewing machine plans sound very exciting. . which reminds me that I need to dig mine out and sew on some buttons. . .hehe

Catherine said...

Have a wonderful weekend home!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Becka I've joined the ornament challenge as well. Hopefully it'll get me motivated to get my ornies stitched up for the girls at work for christmas!

For some reason your picture won't display but I am chomping at the bit when I get close to the end of a design!

Lynn said...

Hope you're having a great visit with your Mum!
I've joined the ornament challenge too and I'm hoping it pushes me to get a least a few completed before the big day. Should be fun!

Cathy B said...

Good luck with the ornament challenge Becka. I need to get busy and stitch some ornaments too.

Hope you had a nice weekend at home!

Karoline said...

It's looking lovely, great progress.

Hope you had a great weekend.