Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cosy and Colourful

Evening all. I've settling down to a nice evening of blog reading after a long day at work. It was my penultimate weekend actually, I'll be saying goodbye to my job next weekend. I'll sort of be sad to see it go, I enjoyed working at the supermarket and the pay was decent. But I know I'm moving on to a much more exciting chapter in my life!
I did as I normally did after coming in from work, turning on the oven to make food as soon as possible then dashing upstairs to through on something, anything more comfortable than my uniform. Out comes the baggy t-shirts, stretchy leggings, fluffy blankets and oh so comforting slippers. I only work one full day a week as a student in summer, so I know I don't have it bad. But it is so nice to come home and enjoy things that you like to do, rather than being on your feet and serving customers. I always like to take my make-up off when I get home, ram on a big, oversized jumper and watch a few comedy programmes - anyone else loving Miranda at the moment? She is one funny lady! Do you have any after-work habits? What would be the perfect evening in for you?

I've been playing around recently with the digital scrapbooking software the lovely ladies at sent me to experiment with and see what I thought. And to be honest, it's fab! I'm not naturally creative, which is one reason I like cross stitch so much. You can just follow a chart and still end up with a gorgeous design. Digital scrapbooking has allowed me to experiment without being worried that it will turn out rubbish. These are two of my first pages, pretty plain, but I'm just discovering all the lovely additions and embellishments you can add.

Girls - I feel I need to explain that these pictures were taken during a "who-can-pull-the-stupidest-face" competition, I don't just have odd looking friends :)

Night Out! - On this page, I added some ric-rac and a ribbon all with a simple colour scheme. The pics are from a joyful night out in Bournemouth in the summer. I am loving playing around with this new software.

MyMemories gifted me with their My Memories Suite V2 for free, and they're offering the same to one of my readers! Check back on Monday for the full giveaway details.
I hope you've all got a lovely weekend planned, what's left of it anyway. I'm planning a swimming trip in the morning and then an afternoon of craft I think. Whatever takes my fancy :)
Best wishes,


Sarah said...

I know what you mean about coming home! I only work one day a week too, but it's a long shift and there's nothing better when I get home then getting changed and flopping down for a bit. Oversized jumper yes! And I've been known to do some Miranda watching as well.

Your scrapbooked pages look lovely, good luck with the giveaway hosting!

Happy Stitching (and scrapping)


Teresa said...

I like to come home and put PJ's on. My favorite day is when I can stay in them.
Your scrapbook pages look real nice.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches