Saturday, 12 February 2011


Well, I could hardly believe it when I logged onto Blogger this morning and my number of followers had doubled! I thought my eyes were deceiving me, or Blogger was having a malfunction. I was so delighted when it turned out to be true! I cannot thank you all enough for becoming new followers, I really hope you like my blog :) I'm still a little confused though, can any one fill me in on how this wonderful thing happened? I had 31 followers before, and then five days later BAM - 61! Hello to all my new followers, please feel free to leave comments and ask questions about anything on my blog, I would love to hear from you. And we must welcome old friends too :)

So, first things first, thank you for all your helpful comments on 123stitch. I didn't actually make my order until I had heard some opinions from the blogging world. Now that I have used the company myself, I can heartily agree with the positive comments. My stash was posted the day after I ordered it and arrived exactly one week after that. It was all packaged up perfectly and I thought the prices were so reasonable, especially because I live in the UK. So any fellow UK stitchers out there, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this site, it's very good indeed.
Here's the stash I got. I know it doesn't look like much, but for me, it's very exciting LOL I got LHN Nature's Beauty and some threads I needed for that, and some other threads too for an upcoming spring project. Stay tuned for that!

One of my New Year's Stitchy Resolutions was to stitch a LHN design, and after seeing Nature's Beauty on Lynn's blog (thanks Lynn!) I knew it had to be that one. I've made a start on it already, although only a very small start. I had to cut the fabric twice because the first one just wasn't big enough. That'll teach me to start a project late at night, but I honestly couldn't resist!

Chilly Paws is in its final stages too, all that's left is the backstitched words to go alongside the cute Britty Kitty. I've got the fabric ready to turn this into a flatfold as soon as it's finished - not too long now I hope.

And this part of the post is entirely for Peggy-Lee, but feel free to read on :) The story goes that I commented on Peggy's post about cookies saying I had never had a homemade cookie before. She was clearly outraged by this (LOL) as she emailed me some lovely recipes for me to try at home. Well, me and my mum looked over these recipes and unfortunately, some of the ingredients weren't available here in the UK. My mum persevered though and found some other recipes on the Internet. So although we didn't get to use your wonderful recipes Peggy, I can now say I've had a homemade cookie. And here's the proof!

We did make a few more than this, but they were still in the oven when I wanted to take a picture. They are so good, I could probably get through a batch by myself :) Thank again Peggy for your kindness and setting me on this naughty path of cookie heaven!
I've got a drama performance coming up at school, but a week after that, I'm going on a school trip to Athens! I'm really looking forward to it as I'm going with my closest friends. I'll be sure to share some pictures after my trip.
I'm going out tonight to see a comedian with my boyfriend, but before that, I've got sometime to make a serious dent in Nature's Beauty.
Thanks again for joining me on my blog, it means so much to me :) I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
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robindefender said...

LOL, from a 'new' follower: someone in blog world pointed me in your direction! Honestly can't remember who, though. Maybe someone else will enlighten you. ; ) Have fun with your first LHN. You'll be completely hooked before long.

Colorado Stitcher said...

Bekca - I became your follower the same way robindefender did. Someone blogged about you. As I recall it had something to do with the way you spell your name and how close it is to another blogger. I am so pleased people have found you--kind of fun isn't it! It helps when you have a nice blog too and you do. ENJOY those cookies.

BeckySC said...

Hey Sweetie :) I just emailed you-I need your mailing address as I want to send you a few things :)

Enjoy your new stash :)

Carol said...

Good morning, Bekca! It was Terri at Dixie Sampler Designs who blogged about you: . So nice that others have discovered your blog, too!

I'm thrilled that you've chosen to stitch Nature's Beauty as that is probably my favorite piece of all I've ever stitched. (Well, I'm working on one now that is coming close!!)

Congratulations on entering the cookie baking world, too. Bakers are happy people :)

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi Becka, welcome from The Finger Lakes Region, New York State. Those are some mighty fine looking cookies:)

Peggy Lee said...

Hi Bekca! I'm am tickled three shades of pink here to see that you have made cookies! They look very much like the Snickerdoodle recipe I sent you. Sorry those didn't work out. I didn't even think that they might not work where you are. Thank goodness for your sweet mum who didn't give up. I'm afraid you better go shopping for britches that are a size larger though. Cookies will do that to you!

I saw your blog mentioned on someone else's blog too. The same thing happened to me. I woke up one morning and had a whole mess of followers because Ma Teakettle mentioned me on her blog. You will find so many sweet souls here in blogland it will blow you away each time you log on.

Love your stash addition! Can't wait to see your continued progress.

Bertie said...

Thank you so much Becka for the shop information, I will give them a go:)) I am not surprised your followers doubled LOL, we bloggers read everything and like what we see on your blog:))
Your cookies look wonderful!!

Bertie said...

Forgot to say have a great time in Athens, the Acropolis is fantastic :))

Lynn said...

Congrats on your increase in followers! I think Terri over at dixiesamplardesigns might have had something to do with that!!
I'm glad you liked my Nature's Beauty and that it has inspired you to stitch it as well. It's a lovely design.

Never had homemade cookies?! Well it's about time and I'm glad you were able to bake up some recipes. They sure look yummy!

Enjoy your trip to Athens! I'm sure it will be wonderful.

La Uina said...

I'm a new follower too! =)))
A gentle lady says to look at your blog and....i think her idea was great.
I love your works!


KimV said...

Bekca... it's amazing how someone mentioning you on a blog will do that! I know that there are just so many of us that are tickled to see a teen loving stitching that we are ready to encourage... I'm sure you're the baby of the stitching blogging world (or at least one of them) making you extra special! lol
I'm so glad to see you made cookies! I can't imagine a world without homemade cookies!
thanks for visiting my blog too!

Jodie said...

I can't believe you've never had homemade cookies until today!! Good grief it's outrageous LOL!!! I'm glad you finally made some and discovered how delicious they are!

Stash is always exciting, that looks like a great stitch! I'm working on an LHN right now too, and loving it :-)

TeresaB said...

Seems you've already found out how some of us found you and became new followers! Love the stash enhancement. Enjoy stitching.

rosek1870 said...

HI Becka! I too read about you from Terri at Dixie Sampler Designs. I love your LNS I will have to add that to my stash. I just finished LNS' The North Wind. If was my first LNS design and it will not be the last. Enjoy your trip and your cookies - Rose

Anonymous said...

hi Becka well done on your new followers, i am no 65! Terri at Dixie samplers blog headed me in your direction, and so glad she did
I am a fellow uk stitcher and use 123 stitch for most of my stash buying, and yes they do ship quickly
love your new lhn wip I am stitching this one too, feel free to pop over to my blog for a visit sometime x

Mel said...

Glad you've got more followers!!

Love your new stash piece. :)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hi Becka, Stitching bloggers are like one big line of Domino's, we all tend to touch one another in a way that crosses our stitch, and through the wonders of today's technology we become a family like no other.
I love your stitching choices and can't wait to see more.
Be always in stitches