Monday, 7 February 2011

A Giveaway Announcement

The lovely Deborah at Cranberry Samplings is having a special giveaway for reaching 300 followers. Well done Deborah! Go and check it out, although I don't mind too much if you don't - more chances for me! :) LOL


dixiesamplardesigns said...

Hello Bekca...just found your sweet little blog thru BeckySC! Love your posts...and so happy to see someone so young falling in love with needlework...and your's is very lovely.

I will become a new follower and will spread the word on my blog as well. Be sure to stop over an see me sometime; I am celebrating my 100th post with a giveaway, if you would like to enter.

Happy Stitchin'

KimV said...

Thank you for pointing this out Becka! It's so great to see a younger person interested in needle craft! I found you through Terri above... keep posting... I'll keep reading! lol

Raven/Missy said...

Bekca, You have a great blog. I learned about it through Terri over at Dixie Samplar Designs.

I've read all your posts and your projects are wonderful! Welcome to blogging and enjoy your stitching!