Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Very Own ABC's

This seems to be doing the rounds on a few of my blogs at the moment, and I love how you get to know a little bit about the people who write some of the best blogs. So I thought I'd join in the fun too!

A - Age: Eighteen

B - Bed Size: Just a simple single

C - Chore you hate: Washing up

D - Dogs Name: No dogs but I do have a very fat cat called Tiptoe

E - Essential Start of the Day item: Cereal, mostly Shreddies. I cannot function without some kind of breakfast.

F - Favourite Colour: Green

G - Gold or Silver: Gold, I like collecting little gold necklaces

H - Height: 5ft 7"

I - Instruments you play: I wish!

J - Job: Studying for A-levels and a weekend job in Sainsbury's

K - Kids: Not yet, not for a long time :)

L - Living Arrangements: Still at home right now, but I will hopefully be at Uni by the end of the year

M - Music You Love: The Beatles, the early days

N - Nicknames: My closest friends call me Jam :)

O - Overnight Hospital Stay: None so far *touch wood*

P - Pet Peeve: People who don't say please and thank you.

Q - Quote from a Movie: "We're having too much fun today, we ain't even thinking about tomorrow" - John Dillinger (played by the lovely Johnny Depp) in Public Enemies

R - Right handed or Left: Left handed

S - Siblings: Just one older sister

T - Time you wake up: 7:07am

U - Underwear: Never without it :)

V - Vegetables you dislike: None really, I don't like certain fruits like pineapple or coconut

W - Workout Style: Shopping LOL

X - X-Rays You've had: Knees (I had growing pains when I was younger)

Y - Yummy Food you make: I make a pretty good spaghetti bolognese :)

Z - The best place to Visit - My nan's cottage in the New Forest

There we go, I hope you feel like you know me a little better :) I'm off to do some stitching now, I'm itching to do a new project - stay tuned!


Peggy Lee said...

These funny little things are a neat way to get to know our stitchy friends!
Thanks for sharing.
Maybe some day I will do this one.

Carol said...

Loved learning more about you, Bekca--I think your "Nan's cottage in the New Forest" sounds magical!

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG you don't like pineapple? I'm with you on the coconut but a good, ripe pineapple is divine!!!