Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Posting for Posterity

Just to make a neat gap between my old stitching projects and my upcoming new ones, I thought I would post the finished Blackbird Designs sampler. It took me so long to complete this piece, not because it was particularly difficult, but because I lost my mojo for awhile. But it's done and dusted now :)

I think I would like to have it framed, but it doesn't really match the decor in the flat with this colour scheme. So for now, it will simply have to go in the drawer with the others! I should get around to finishing a few pieces really, it's such a shame to keep them hidden. Maybe I shall dedicate a future day off to a craft day, and I can make a huge mess again! Are you a messy finisher? Or is it just me?!



Justine said...

Very pretty Bekca. My mojo has gone too - if you see it will you send it back?

Rosemary said...

This is lovely. I lost my stitching mojo for a while, but happily mine has returned to. This deserves a place of honor, go for an eclectic look - not everything has to match. I'm a very messy finisher. Let's fly that messy flag high!!!

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