Monday, 8 June 2015

Back With A Bang

Hello hello! Thank you for your lovely welcoming messages on my last post, I knew there was a good reason I was missing this community. I've always found readers on blogger so friendly and I'm so pleased that hasn't changed :)

To get back into crafting and cross stitching, I decided to have a good old clear out. I needed to do this anyway, as Lawrence will be moving in to the flat next month and the poor boy will need a bit of space! I created a huge pile of glorious mess in my attempts to tidy up:

I managed to clear the box you can see above and fit in everything that was left into my craft tower. I was ruthless, donating bits where I could and chucking scraps that I no longer had use for. I even threw out a couple of WIPs that I knew I didn't have the heart to finish. It's a clean crafting slate. 
I have three old WIPs that only need backstitching done to finish them, so that will be what I'm working on over the next week or two! Then it will finally be time to go stash diving and find pretty new projects for me to get stuck into :)

Best wishes to all,



Angela said...

Sorting out your stash is always fun! I will look forward to seeing the projects you are finishing up and the new ones that you choose to stitch.

Justine said...

I always find things I had forgotten about when I sort out my stash! Lovely to have you back Bekca.

Rosemary said...

My dear, you are better than me at being ruthless and then getting rid of what doesn't suit you, I hope I'm inspired to do the same. There is something truly freeing at getting rid of things and starting anew. Good for you!

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