Thursday, 19 June 2014


Gosh, what a crazy time it's been lately. At one point, I was set to move in with another girl in Southampton. We'd signed for a flat, got really excited about the whole thing and were making plans for moving day. The next thing I know, we've lost the flat because another estate agent outbid us on rent and the other girl doesn't want to live with me any more. I can tell you, it was very frustrating to go straight back to square one. All I wanted was a modest home and a steady job, I can't believe how hard it is to achieve that. It got me down for awhile.
But things are on the up. Yesterday, I attended a group interview for ALDI (a discount supermarket) and I'll hear back about the job within the next seven days. Fingers crossed! And I now know where I'm living for the next three months too. I'm moving into Lawrence's shared house and taking up a room there whilst the girl who owns it tours India over the summer. It's literally down the road from where I will be hopefully working at ALDI. 
It's such a relief to get my life finally in some sort of order. I know where I'm heading now and I'm feeling much less anxious.

Onto the good stuff! Whilst all this housing and job madness has been going on, it's been wonderful to escape with my stitching. I've made a fair amount of progress in the last three weeks, I've only got a tiny section of stitches left to cross.

Just a few more rows, then it's on to the backstitching. It would be great to get this finished and framed before I move, but I'm not sure how likely that is. I'm just stitching whenever I get a chance. 

So today, I'm attempting to pack up my room. I was dreading going through all my stitching stuff, but then Mel said to me, you never know what treasures you might unearth! I'm off to do some treasure hunting :)
Best wishes,


Tina said...

Just remember everything happens for a reason! Sometimes we know what the reason is, sometimes we never find out. Staying positive, as hard as it is sometimes, is the key!

Carol said...

I'm so glad your housing situation ended up working out, Bekca--that must have been very nerve-wracking, indeed! I love Aldi--we just got ours a couple of years ago and I'm always amazed at the prices (especially the giant chocolate bars for less than $2.00!!)...

Lovely progress on your wolves--you're almost there!! Good luck with the job--I hope you get it :)