Saturday, 9 March 2013

London Calling

Couldn't resist such an obvious title :P

I had such a ball in London, it was a truly perfect day out. We spent the morning touring Convent Garden and being proper tourists by snapping pictures of everything.

We headed to Carluccio's, after a recommendation from Lawrence's parents, and it was wonderful. It was such a treat to go to a swanky restaurant, but the prices were not unreasonable. Plus, they had an extensive gluten free menu. We both had a drink and a big plateful of pasta for just under £25 ($37.60) for it all. And the food was exceptional, I'd definitely visit Carluccio's again.

(sneaky picture of Lawrence enjoying his dish :P)

In other news, I got splashed horribly on my way to Uni the other day. A huge truck came hurling past and I got drenched from head to foot. It was so bad, my friend I walk with to Uni took me back to her house to get a fresh pair of jeans and a hair dryer! What is it with this nasty weather we've been having? Oh I long for the sunshine and spring.

In stitchy news, I've been working on Lottie's New Scooter and loving every stitch. It's on aida, which makes it simple to do in the evenings, but it's got so many colours included in the design so it never gets dull. I plan on leaving the backstitching until I've got more time in the holidays, if I finish it before then. I can't wait for a bit of extra time in the Easter break
 to do more stitching and sewing things :)

Sorry for the dark picture, I blame the miserable weather, again!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there! I've dutifully sent my card and will be taking a small gift to my mum when I visit my parents at the end of the month :) I've got a much needed day off tomorrow and will be heading out to the Farmer's Market with my housemate, bliss :)

Best wishes to all,

PS I have another blog where I'm writing a lot more writerly things, reviews and articles and such. If anyone would like to check it out, please go ahead :)


Cath said...

Great stitchy progress. Looks like you had a fab time in London.
I am fed up with the weather too , it has been grey and foggy here all week. YUCK!

Peggy Lee said...

Bekca...your dinner looks so delicious. I am hungry anyway and now I need to go to the kitchen.
Oh yuck on being splashed. I'm afraid that would have made me go back home and climb in bed for the day.
Lottie is looking great! Love the colors in it so far.
OH my goodness you had me in a panic here! I thought I missed Mother's Day. It's not till May here. Whew!!!
Lovely pictures in this post (Hi Lawrence) :o)


Sarah said...

Sounds like a great day out! I'll check out your other blog, it looks great :)

Catherine said...

Oh, that dinner looks yummy! And how fun to see a picture of Lawrence! Yuck on being drenched!!

Carol said...

Love the photos of you and Lawrence in London, Bekca--I truly hope I get to see it myself some day!

Your drenching sounds horrid--hope that rain dries up soon...We've had more than our share of gray rainy days here, too...

Lesleyanne said...

Looks like you had a great time in London. Great progress on Lottie.

Karoline said...

Glad you had a good time. Great progress on Lottie