Sunday, 11 November 2012

Treats of All Sorts

What do you do when your housemate goes to throw away three perfectly good (albeit slightly brown) bananas? You stop her at once with promises of cake and shrieks of waste not want not. As a student, being thrifty is a necessity of life. I've had a lovely morning baking this sweet smelling banana bread. It's the first cake I've made using gluten-free flour and I can't wait to taste it! Although I love baking, finding the time to do it is such a treat. Sunday mornings before everyone else is up is the perfect time to spend in the kitchen :)

I had a lovely treat in the post last week. Tricia from The Stamper's Stitches sent over a chart from my wishlist and the most beautiful handmade card. The generosity of my fellow bloggers fills my heart and it was so thoughtful of Tricia to send me a gift. Thank you my friend, I hope to return the favour some day :)

Also in the post this week, just a couple of days ago actually, was my 123stitch order. I try to only do an order twice a year, a massive one after Christmas then a smaller one when I really need to. The rest of the time, I just make do with things I have. It's ok though, I have a lot of stitchy things!
So, in this parcel I got a large length of 32ct Lambswool fabric, JBW Designs Scottie dog (would love to get this finished for Christmas!) and a whole bunch of threads, mainly for Lawrence's Pokemon that he keeps pestering me for :P 

And finally, (phew! Quite a long post for me :)) I have an update to share on Mississippi Riverboat. This is the perfect design to work on in the evenings when I come home from Uni or work - sometimes both in the same day! It really relaxes me and let's me unwind after hectic days.

I've had some lovely comments recently with well wishes for my Uni life. It's going really well actually. I got my first essay back with a high mark and I was very pleased. My parents were proud too and gifted me with a £10 Sainsbury's voucher :) I have been a very lucky lion this week, recieving goodies, gifts and things that make me smile from all over the place. Life is wonderful.
I hope you've been having a relaxing weekend. It's a bit on the cool side here, but I'm going to take a wander into town to go and browse the farmer's market. Here's hoping I find even more goodies there too!
Best wishes,

PS I'm wearing my poppy with pride today and I hope you are too :)
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Lesleyanne said...

Your banana cake looks great. Lovely new stash. Great progress on your stitching. Congrats on the good mark for your essay. Lovely gift from Tricia.

EveningEmma said...

What a lovely load of treats. Lucky you!

Catherine said...

A lucky lion indeed! You are a very special young lady ~ congrats on receiving a high mark on your essay!!

Elisa said...

mmm banana loaf...sounds delish, a love it with a nice cuppa.

Congrats on the essay makes all the hard work worth it doesn't it xx

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Mmmm.... your banana bread looks good! I might have to put together a batch of blueberry scones this afternoon. I use Gluten Free Pantry Perfect Pie Crust mix for my GF baking. Mmmmmm.... : ) You are doing great with the Riverboat stitch. It's nice to have a piece that is relaxing, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed your gift!!

lesli said...

Beautiful new additions for your stash, Bekca!
Congratulations on the results from your essay!

Carol said...

Sounds like everything is going well in your little corner of the world, Bekca... I have a feeling that with your enthusiasm and positive outlook on life that will always be the case!!

Teresa said...

I can almost smell your banana bread. Looks wonderful.
Tricia makes the most beautiful cards, glad she sent you one.
Enjoy your new stash.
Teresa's Hearfelt Stitches

Karoline said...

Your banana bread looks yummy :)

Enjoy your new stash & great progress on your riverboat