Monday, 28 May 2012

Breakfast and Bargains

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my last post! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to working there. I start on Tuesday with a four hour shift, the perfect way to ease myself into a new shop. Elisa, you were right in your comment, I'll have to be careful when my wages come in, the stock is so pretty!

I had a wonderful day last week. Me and my house mate decided we should do something special before she goes home for the summer. When we go to Buddy's (a restaurant I'm almost certain I've mentioned on here before), the breakfast menu always looks so tempting. So last week, we decided to try it out!
My friend had the Yankee Doodle breakfast, which came with two strips of crispy bacon, two griddled eggs, two hash browns and two buttermilk pancakes. Doesn't it look yummy? That's why we keep going back to Buddy's - the food is just so darn good.

I on the other hand opted for the pancake stack of two pancakes. Look at these beasts! No wonder I could only managed one. They were delicious, thoroughly covered in maple syrup, but very filling. You can just see in the background the pot of tea I had with breakfast too. I thought I'd add a British touch to my American breakfast :)

We then headed off on a train to nearby Eastleigh to do some shopping. Eastleigh has a wonderful range of charity shops and I couldn't resist a wander inside a couple of them. I didn't buy much today but I did get these two clothes patterns for only 50p (78cents) each!

The dress pattern dates from 1972 and the skirt is from 1965. I will have a go at making these eventually, I think it will be quite a learning curve.
We went to the cinema after our shopping and saw Dark Shadows. Visually, it was a stunning film but I think the lack of explanation of some of the characters let it down a bit. Still, who can say no to a bit of Mr Johnny Depp? Plus, we literally had the whole cinema all to ourselves! It was just me and my house mate in a huge Vue cinema - it was so cool.

I hope you've been having a brilliant time lately and enjoying the glorious start to summer. And having lots of yummy pancakes! :)
Best wishes,

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Elisa said...

Lol....yes get those wages safely tucked away....but maybe you could make some clothes in CK fabric from your new vintage patterns...what a fabulous find. Those breakfasts look wonderful, I love pancakes...yummy! Enjoy your shift tomorrow, I'll be jealously thinking of you...ha ha! xx

Catherine said...

Oohhhh.....breakfast looks yummy! Love those patterns you found. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day out.

Lesleyanne said...

Breakfast looks lovely. Sounds like you had a lovely day out with your flatmate.

Angela said...

I love your American breakfasts! The patterns look great and I had heard that Dark Shadows wasn't that great. Shame as I love Johnny Depp and he looked the part. I'll wait for it on DVD.

Have a great week!

Carol said...

I'm looking at the patterns and thinking to myself, "Boy, that one on the left looks like something I might have made myself when I was Bekca's age." Then I checked the date--1972! Yes, that was the year before I graduated from high school and headed off for university--too funny :) That was exactly the style of thing we wore 40 years ago... What goes around, comes around!

Glad you enjoyed your good old American style breakfast--those pancakes look like what I enjoyed myself last weekend...

Dani - tkdchick said...

Becka that sounds like the perfect way to wrap up things up with your house mate for this school year!

Congrats on the job!

lesli said...

Ohhhh...the bacon in that picture is making my mouth water! I may have to cook some, as my son puts it, "breakfast for dinner" tonight!

Can't wait to see you create some beautiful clothing items from those patterns...everything old is new again! :)