Thursday, 1 March 2012

Gifties Galore!!

Oh I have been a lucky little Lion recently! I can't wait to share pictures of two wonderful packages that I've been given. I had to wait to pick them up from my sister's house on Wednesday and I was so excited to do so! Charlotte's house is lovely, by the way. I think her and her partner are looking forward to sprucing it up and really making it their own. She made me a lovely lunch when I visited and we enjoyed a fresh batch of Smartie cookies that I made for the occasion.
Anyways, what you really want to see are the stitchy goodies that I've been generously gifted with. Firstly, I recently commented on a gorgeous piece of stitching that Nataly did, and since she had no use for the chart anymore, she sent it to me! It's the entire collection of Bent Creek's Spring Snapperville! I can't wait to get this design stitched up :)

Thank you so much Nataly for your generosity, it means so much to me :) I love commenting on your gorgeous stitching and will always show my appreciation.

My dear friend Peggy Lee let me know that she wanted to send me some goodies and her parcel baffled my mum. She said it was heavy - I didn't think threads or fabric would be that heavy? But when I tore of the beautiful wrapping in excitement, I saw where the weight was coming from . . .

Look at that giant bag of M&M Almonds! I had mentioned to Miss Peggy that I had never sampled such delights and being the wonderful person she is, she sent me some! She also spoilt me with a fun pair of toe socks (on my tootsies as I type) and a collection of gorgeous WDW threads, none of which I already had.
She also penned the most lovely card. I love the friends that I have made through blogging and Peggy Lee is one of the best. Thank you so much for being so kind Peggy Lee, I'm proud to be your adopted "daughter"!

And in other news, my 100 Followers giveaway parcel reached Lesli safely! I'm so pleased that you were excited to receive the chart Lesli, I'm pleased it's found a good home :) Do share pics when you start stitching!
I've also sent my Birthday Stitch Parcel out to Fiona, albeit a tad late due to unforeseen circumstances. It will be with you soon Fiona!!
And now I'm currently working on the next parcel to Lesleyanne :)

Oh gosh, this post has been all about gifts given and received and it really warms my heart :)
Hope you're all having a wonderful day,


Peggy Lee said...

My Dear Bekca, I think it was just as, if not more exciting to send the package to you as it was for you to receive it! So glad you like the threads (and the M&M's) and the socks are just fun, aren't they?

We do refer to you as our "kid from the UK" here! You seem like such a sweet girl and I think you are around the same age as my son.

Nataly is so thoughtful that way, isn't she? Enjoy all your goodies!


Lynn said...

Wonderful gifts! Those socks are just too cute! Blogging friends are some of the most generous people that I know of. I'm so glad that you got to experience that firsthand. Enjoy!

Lesleyanne said...

What gorgeous gifts you have received Becka. I have found that stitchers really are the best.

Carol said...

I'm always amazed at the generosity of our fellow stitchers, Bekca--you certainly received some wonderful gifts from Nataly and Peggy Lee... Enjoy those almond M&M's!!

Deborah said...

Wonderful gifts! I agree that stitchy friends are the best.

Teresa said...

You have received some lovely goodies in the mail. I bet those socks are really keeping your toes warm.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Mouse said...

you got some lovely goodies :) and aren't almond m n m's divine :)and love those toe socks too heheheh ... love mouse xxxxx

Sarah said...

Lovely gifts, you lucky dear! Enjoy them. Glad you enjoyed your time with your sister!

Fiona said...

Lovely gifts you got there Bekca :) Speaking of gifts, mine arrived safely this morning, THANK YOU so much!!! lol I love the tea for two design (it's actually the only one in the chartpack that I hadn't gotten round to stitching!!) You are a wonderful friend and I am so touched by the thoughtfulness you put into the gift. xxx

Catherine said...

Wonderful gifts!! Enjoy it all!

Daffycat said...

Toe sock ~ ROFL What a great package!

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

milly said...


What lovely presents - hope you enjoy them!