Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Merry Stitching

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a brilliant start to the week. I've been stitching away on Merry Friends, and it's coming along a treat!

I'm stitching on this in the evenings, but I'm going to look for a smaller project to work on before I head out for lectures and things. I'm thinking Redwork pieces - we shall see what I find.
The fireworks display I went to at the weekend was amazing! There was a torchlit procession from the main town to the bonfire sight, which was really quite a spectacle. And then the fireworks lasted for ages and were very impressive. And it was free! Me and my housemates did make a donation though, who wouldn't after seeing such a beautiful display?
I've made Jumbles biscuits this morning to take to the cinema later on, after a fairly intense Drama lecture. Oh the joys of being a student LOL
Have a wonderful week,


Catherine said...

Cute stitches! Glad you had fun at the fireworks.

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress. Glad you enjoyed the fireworks.

Mouse said...

ooo lots of stitching progress there :) glad you had a brill time at the fireworks etc and mmmmm jumbles biscuits go on spill the beans what are they ??? love mouse xxxx

Sarah said...

Lovely stitching! Looking forward to seeing what sort of redwork you can find! Glad you enjoyed the fireworks. I was being driven down from London to South Wales on Saturday night and only saw one single firework the whole way!

Mel said...

Ohh love fireworks! :)
Stitching looks great.

staci said...

Fireworks are always so much fun!

Wonderful stitching!

Lynn said...

I love fireworks! There is a fireworks competition every summer not far from us in Gatineau, Quebec. One of these summers I intend to go.
You've made great progress on your ornie! Very cute!